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What makes the Dow special?

When it’s time for a physical checkup, most people go to a general practitioner. Although an ear, nose and throat specialist would have more expertise in those particular organs, it’s your entire body that you want to evaluate.

Why isn’t it the same with the stock market? If you tune in to any news channel or pick up any newspaper, the one U.S. stock market benchmark you will inevitably find reported is the Dow Jones industrial average. Yet the Dow is not very representative of the market, or even of industrial stocks. So why has this benchmark become so ubiquitous as a stock market performance measure?

Which is better: No advice or bad advice?

By Artie Green

What you need to know about saving for your kid's college

Most of you have flown on commercial flights, so you know that prior to take-off, they warn you about disasters. What do they want you to do if there is a loss of cabin pressure and the oxygen masks drop down? Those of you who answered, “Put your own mask on first before putting them on your kids,” are correct.

Why should you do this seemingly selfish act? It’s simple: You want to be breathing and conscious so that you can help your kids put their masks on.

Does rebalancing your investments really work?

Rebalancing investments certainly sounds smart. It requires selling investments in asset classes that have grown to buy more in asset classes that have lagged, which would maintain a target allocation over time.

A couple of years ago I wrote a column for the Town Crier supporting rebalancing from a nonacademic perspective (“Does rebalancing your portfolio really work?” Sept. 23, 2015). Some academic research shows the impact that rebalancing is expected to have on your portfolio, and how frequently it should be done, but it’s not especially conclusive.

Beware of what's 'fake news' when investing your money


Your sense of reality may have become inverted since our president and his cohorts have attempted to legitimize the concept of “alternative facts.” Notwithstanding the societal consequences of government leaders making decisions based on false information, “fake news” can also be especially problematic when making investment choices.

Silicon Valley realtors travel to Sacramento for Legislative Day

Members of the Silicon Valley Association of Realtors this month joined more than 2,500 California realtors in Sacramento for Legislative Day. It is organized by the California Association of Realtors each year in May for realtors to discuss bills that could impact homeowners and private property rights.

Gov. Jerry Brown, a guest speaker at the morning briefing, stressed the importance of the need to work together.

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