Differences separate Generation Z and millennials as they enter workforce

There’s a new generation entering the workforce, and it’s one that employers will need to prepare for, as it’s 23 million strong and will flood the job market by the end of the decade.

Generation Z, born in the mid- to late-1990s, primarily to Generation X parents, is a confidence-filled group that doesn’t want to miss a thing, has the shortest attention span of any generation and isn’t quite as open as its predecessors – the millennials. Born in the early 1980s through the mid-1990s, primarily to baby boomer parents, millennials taught Generation Z that not everything needs to be shared online.


Los Altos

100 First Street No. 318, Highlighter Limited to K. & B. Gibbons for $2,400,000

38 Third Street No. 102, Rose Trust to T. Nguyen for $1,995,000

Securities trading becomes more efficient

When you sell most mutual funds before trading closes at 1 p.m., the cash typically shows up in your account the next trading day – known as a one-day trade settlement cycle. When you purchase funds, the shares appear in your account and the cash is debited the next day.

Yet it takes three full days for stock or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) trades to settle. Why?

Tips safeguard realtors on job

The Silicon Valley Association of Realtors compiled the following safety tips that aim to protect realtors at home or in the office.

• Always keep a mobile phone at your side; program emergency numbers into speed dial.

What to do about the Equifax breach

Nearly half of all Americans have had their most sensitive personal data stolen from Equifax, one of the country’s three credit-reporting bureaus.

The hack represents the largest single data breach in U.S. history, and we should all be very concerned about the ramifications.

How to organize and store vital records strategically

September is National Disaster Preparedness month. One step in being prepared is to organize vital records and documents so that they can be easily located and transported if the need to evacuate arises.

Record gathering

People often ignore this step because of their confusion in determining which records and documents are important. The following list will help you identify which types of records and documents should be gathered.

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