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Business Matters: Marketing automation proves to be a successful tool during pandemic

The extended pandemic calls for businesses to invest in online tools that enable them to engage with existing and prospective customers in more effective manners. Today, businesses not only need to have functional websites, they also need their websites to be ready in understanding their customers’ browsing behaviors, and responding to live inquiries instantly, without long delays that could turn prospects away.

That’s where marketing automation comes in – an enabling tool that engages with visitors who navigate to a website, identifies their interest level and directs them to the right places to get answers and help, moving them along their buying journey.

User experience

With consumers having more conversations online via websites and social media channels, marketing automation tools on your website need to be multifaceted beyond live chat. Depending on what stage of the buying cycle your customers are in, some may feel more comfortable if they can choose how they want to engage with your brand. For example, someone who is still searching for solutions may want to watch a demo video instead of being pushed to chat to a representative right away. Others may be beyond their initial searches, and are ready to ask hard questions comparing a short list that they already have in mind.

There are many website marketing automation tools that do well engaging with customers. Ones that can help businesses achieve greater results take into consideration using technology that involves artificial intelligence and live human interaction to solve simple to complex issues.

LiveHelp, Acquire and ZyraTalk are a few SaaS marketing automation tools that I’ve researched and studied. Each varies in flavor based on their offerings and types of customers they are serving. Among the three, I’ve had the best experience with ZyraTalk because it filtered my chat conversation and learned questions that I asked were beyond what a typical bot could do. It directed me to connect with a live human if needed. That’s how I was connected to ZyraTalk’s chief marketing officer, Bradley Scruggs, for further exploration of its tool.

Going beyond live chat

ZyraTalk is a game changer in the SaaS marketing automation space. Its platform automates webchat, Facebook Messenger conversations and SMS conversations with 95% of them fully managed by AI-based technology. Once a conversation is completed, a customer service representative of the business using ZyraTalk can come in and take care of major issues.

“We help businesses engage with prospects the first time they set foot on a website, using our AI-powered webchat,” Scruggs said. “After a business completes a job, messaging goes out to the customer to capture a review. It may seem that the relationship would end there – it doesn’t. We’ve taken a step further to keep customers continuously engaged with the business even after a job is done. Automated messaging goes out on behalf of the business, allowing them to stay top of mind and strengthen trust with their customers over time, which could eventually lead to incremental sales.”

According to Scruggs, ZyraTalk’s larger goal is to help companies be more efficient, by allowing them to offload their engagement with customers using an omnichannel AI-based platform. This helps a business by enabling employees to redirect their energy in additional revenue-generation roles.

Companies, however, are still responsible for all of their marketing efforts.

“ZyraTalk’s webchat has proven to increase online lead conversions significantly,” Scruggs said. “One notable customer story is that we’ve helped a $20 million home-service company increase their online revenue by $400K from that of previous year.”

ZyraTalk recently expanded its growth engine beyond chat to include more product offerings with review automation and re-engaging with past customers.

ZyraTalk powers thousands of local businesses nationwide. The company is keen to help local service companies in Silicon Valley get better business results.

“We plan on ramping up our marketing efforts in early 2021, specifically in the Silicon Valley area, because customers in this area are naturally more excited about the technology,” Scruggs said.

For more information on ZyraTalk, visit

Jenny Huang is founder and CEO of Jenny Huang Marketing LLC. For more information, email [email protected]

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