How to use up leftover money in a 529 college savings plan

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Many families start 529 college savings plans long before their child graduates from high school. In some cases, there is money left over even after their child finishes college.


Despite the burgeoning cost of higher education these days, you might still find yourself with unspent money in a 529 plan after your child has graduated from college. As you may know, if you withdraw the money for nonqualified education purposes, you have to pay taxes plus an additional 10% penalty on the earnings withdrawn from the account.

Nest Egg Briefs: How big a risk are your investments facing?

You might be familiar with the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, where leaders from around the world meet to discuss the most pressing issues facing our collective societies. The WEF produces a Global Risks Report summarizing the results, based not only on the discussions at the meeting, but also on feedback from hundreds of economists and other specialists in numerous countries.

One of the biggest risks highlighted in the 2019 report was not the possibility of a global recession, trade wars or political extremism. Rather, it was the risk of nuclear war using weapons of mass destruction. The logic behind this applies to your investment strategy as well.

Calculating capital gains, property taxes on homes


I receive a lot of questions about capital gains and property taxes – rightfully so, as they are complicated. Let me start off with a disclaimer: I am neither an accountant nor an attorney.

The ugly way to become rich

There is no shortage of promoters of wealth-building schemes.

Mountain View startup uses AI for self-help skincare management

SkinIQ” width=
Courtesy of SkinIQ
Mountain View-based SkinIQ, an online platform aimed at helping people manage skin conditions, plans to launch later this year. The team includes, from left, Geoff Seyon, co-founder and chief artificial intelligence officer; Clare Lee, product manager; Afsana Akhter, co-founder and CEO; and Janhavi Singhal, head of customer advocacy.

This column is Part 2 in a two part series focusing on artificial intelligence. Part 1 ran May 8.

I had the opportunity to interview Afsana Akhter, co-founder and CEO of SkinIQ – an artificial-intelligence-powered platform that helps people manage their skin conditions, starting with acne, with future plans to include other skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, melanoma and more.

I'm moving: What should I do with all my stuff?

Let’s face it, we are collectors. We hold onto many things far longer than we probably should. Many of us were raised by people for whom the Depression was very real, but it’s nearly 2020.

If you’re selling your house, you’ll probably need to get rid of a few things (OK, probably a lot more than a few), so following are answers to frequently asked questions about resources. A word of caution: There is a very limited market for second-hand things these days, so don’t get your hopes up for a windfall from selling your old Hummel figurines.

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