On the Market: How has COVID-19 affected the real estate landscape?

We like to think that the real estate market is very rational, based on need and desire, practical and coherent. Time and time again, we learn that it just isn’t true. It happens on both a micro and macro level, a transactional level and across the market: Decisions are made based on the new realities buyers and sellers perceive.

Nest Egg Briefs: The problem with hindsight

Do you wish you had invested in Zoom when it went public last year? Or Cisco in 1990? What about Qualcomm, which is up nearly 10,000% since its inception in 1991? I can’t begin to tell you how many times I hear that regretful refrain from investors, particularly when it comes to tech stocks. Yet nobody talks about the failures. That’s probably because they’re no longer around. Lest you think that you can’t go wrong purchasing new tech stocks, here’s a brief reminder.

On the Market: How water damage impacts property values

It seems a bit odd to be talking about water in the middle of summer, when we rarely see a drop of rain. But water damage is an important factor when selling a house. Following are frequently asked questions about how water and related issues may affect your home’s value.

Nest Egg Briefs: Is the stock market overly concentrated today?

If you owned shares of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google stock at the beginning of this year, you would have been holding the four most valuable stocks in the entire U.S. stock market, based on market capitalization – the stock’s price times the number of shares outstanding. Facebook clocked in at No. 6.

How trees can affect the value of your property

You might wonder what trees have to do with real estate. Other than water, trees probably have more influence on a property than any other natural feature. Trees will impact not only what you can build and where, but also temperature, maintenance, costs, views and animal life.

Nest Egg Briefs: Mitigating the financial risk of COVID-19

What we have learned about COVID-19 so far is that it is highly transmissible and that there is an extremely wide range of symptoms. Some who contract it experience no symptoms at all, while others die from it. Although the media focus has been on deaths, incapacity can be a greater risk, especially to working families. Here’s why, and also how you can protect yourself.

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