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Derby all day, party all night

Vickie Breslin
Megan V. Winslow/Town Crier
The Post owner Vickie Breslin is set to celebrate her restaurant’s first anniversary Saturday with a Kentucky Derby party. She renovated the space at 395 Main St., taking care to honor the site’s historical roots.

Emerging from her office in the back of The Post restaurant on Main Street in Los Altos, Vickie Breslin apologizes for her outfit, lamenting the state of her ripped jeans. Everyone knows her for them anyway, but she hadn’t thought of being photographed.

Breslin settles into a wooden chair at a table toward the front of the entryway and smiles as she opens her phone. She admits she was just looking for her outfit, floppy and outrageous hat included, for The Post’s first anniversary party, scheduled 2 p.m. Saturday and open to all, with Derby post time at 3:30 p.m.

The Post owner and attendees will trade their casual wear that mirrors the inviting, homey space Breslin worked so hard to create to dress up for the one day a year that never changes: the Kentucky Derby.

“I’m a huge fan of the Derby, and I think it’s just a good thing to have an event around,” Breslin said. “It doesn’t have to just be about our anniversary. … We’ll have mint juleps to pink ladies to a champagne tower.”

Breslin is pulling out all the stops, including an ice luge, prizes for outfits and a DJ. While The Post held a similar event just after opening last year, it’s more significant now. After watching businesses – including the one she worked for previously, First & Main Sports Lounge – rotate in and out of downtown Los Altos, Breslin has found something that sticks.

Running for the roses

The initial prediction for The Post prior to any serious construction was an opening in fall 2017. However, the then-115-year-old building posed a bit of a challenge for Breslin; because it was a historical building that hosted the site of the first post office in the city of Los Altos (an easy inspiration for the restaurant’s name), nearly everything was original.

Breslin spent time identifying ways to honor the structure’s legacy, such as including vintage images from the Los Altos History Museum of the old downtown, while putting her own stamp on the space by installing white subway tile, blue baseboards and brown wooden tables.

The restaurant owner knew what she wanted at The Post because of her history with running restaurants in Palo Alto, but designer Sindhu Peruri – who was then strictly designing homes – drafted renderings that brought Breslin’s vision to life.

Since The Post opened, Breslin and her employees strive to maintain relationships with those who followed them from the sports bar and prove their ability to carry on their “Cheers”-like dream of making The Post a place people can visit to take a load off, where the bartender knows their drink and everybody knows their name.

“Thankfully, people know we stay open late here, (one of) the latest in Los Altos,” Breslin said. “We will be working on a late-night menu because we’ve been asked for that.”

And they’re off

It’s been a successful freshman year for The Post, Breslin said, but elements like the menu are evolving to keep customers happy. Staples like the popular cauliflower wings and meatballs will likely never vanish, but a summer menu is in the works. Even better, cocktails, likely still with names related to Breslin’s Bernese mountain dogs, will flow through happy hour; offering a happy hour seven days a week has been a hit, so that will remain, too, she promised.

For a night, future planning will cease so that Breslin and her employees can celebrate how good things are in the moment. As she weaves through the ladies in pastels and men in bow ties, it’s likely that Breslin’s mind will still be working out ways to promote the space as a community asset – perhaps offering local company discounts and downtown dining events.

Breslin spoke passionately of her ideas as she simultaneously greeted a party near the host stand, her voice never straining as she seamlessly transitioned into a customer service role.

The Post is located at 395 Main St. For more information, visit

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