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In an effort to support authors from Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View, many self-published, Book Buzz periodically spotlights their books and offers information on where to purchase them. Local authors are encouraged to submit brief summaries of their books, a sentence or two about themselves and details on where the books may be purchased. Email information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


‘Finding Meaning, Facing Fears: In the Autumn of Your Years (45-65)’ (Impact, 2012)

By Jerrold Lee Shapiro, Ph.D.

Autumn is a time of bright colors and full harvest moons, a time to reap and savor what we’ve sown. Our autumn years are the ideal time to re-examine our lives. Often spurred on by a 50th birthday, a loss or unexpected victory at work, the death of a peer or the youngest child leaving home, it becomes important to question who we are in the larger scheme of things, to wonder what we really want from our lives.

“Finding Meaning, Facing Fears” applies an existential lens to view the lives, hopes, dreams and experiences of a generation of trailblazers.

Shapiro explores the essential tension between facing our fears of the unknown (the push toward freedom) and the guilt of living with the status quo (the enticement of security), from both moment-to-moment experience and in terms of broader life choices. Paying attention to the often-conflicting demands of personal needs for security and freedom provides an opportunity to discover personal meaning and to live a more examined and fruitful life.

Shapiro is a longtime Los Altos resident and professor at Santa Clara University.

To purchase “Finding Meaning, Facing Fears,” visit the Barnes & Noble bookstore at Santa Clara University or www.amazon.com.


‘Beyond Genius, Innovation & Luck: The ‘Rocket Science’ of Building High-Performance Corporations’ (4th Edition Publishing, 2011)

By J. Allan McCarthy

“Beyond Genius, Innovation & Luck” offers an analysis of the requirements for a successful company. It’s not enough to be entrepreneurial, innovative and generate great ideas – those ideas need to be mobilized and commercialized through the machinery of a high-performing organization.

The book lays out the architecture necessary to build and lead a competitive company in the 21st century. As McCarthy describes, it takes the same level of focus, passion and investment to create a high-performing corporation as it does to be a leading innovator. To sustain a competitive advantage, both parts of the equation must be tuned up and working together.

McCarthy, a Los Altos resident, spent a good portion of his life working as an internal and external consultant with more than 200 companies across 15 industries.

To purchase “Beyond Genius,” visit www.amazon.com.

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