Town Crier File Photo

Mountain View and Los Altos high schools received threats of violence to their campuses earlier today (Jan 7).

Partnering with local law enforcement, Mountain View Los Altos High School District administrators held the buildings under lockdown for approximately 20 minutes. Los Altos Police Department Agent Aimee Major, who was on the scene, said the “shelter in place” lasted an estimated 20-30 minutes. Major did not specify the nature of the threat, but MVLA officials referred to a minor in a press release. The release did not specify whether the suspect was a student.

According MVLA officials, “Once notified by local authorities that the minor had been detained at their home, MVPD gave clearance and the Shelter-In-Place was lifted.”

The Town Crier reached out to both MVLA and the Mountain View Police Department for further details, but has only received confirmation of the lockdown at this time.