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The city of Mountain View is pulling out of the COVID-19 pandemic in reasonably good shape, based on 2022-2023 budget numbers presented last week.

With a $414.9 million budget overall and a $163.8 million general operating fund, city officials at the city council’s June 14 meeting reported a “structurally balanced” budget with operating fund numbers in the black for 2022-2023 and five years into the future.

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I have been working for MV for just over 6 years now and I have been looking for a way out. I have lost many friends and colleges over the last couple years to other municipalities/industries and its not surprising to see how many people are leaving. Since the Pandemic started a lot of employees had to work out of class, doing the jobs of multiple people without any extra pay or help and ended up burning out.

Instead of working with existing employees management has been slowly hiring new people at a much higher pay rate. Leaving existing employees to train new people who make significant more.

Why would anyone stay? There is a higher turnover rate here than my local McDonalds.

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