Snake in the Grass - Season 1

Contestants Malcolm Freberg, Yul Kwon, Earl Cole, Jeff Zausch and Bobby Bones will appear in an episode of "Snake in the Grass" on the USA Network. 

When Los Altos resident Yul Kwon steps onto a beach, it’s usually not to relax. And even if it is, the former “Survivor” champion has a hard time doing so.

“When I see a beautiful, sandy beach, it doesn’t evoke feelings of calm and joy,” Kwon joked. “I usually get filled with anxiety now, because I’ve now been on beaches where it’s, like: You’re facing this beach; it probably means trouble.”

Snake in the Grass - Season 1

Yul Kwon of Los Altos is a former “Survivor” champion who is back on national television in a new reality series called “Snake in the Grass.” The series premiered Monday on the USA Network. In the new series, competitors spend three days in the Costa Rican jungle.



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