Los Altos Mayor Neysa Fligor signaled a possible breakthrough Tuesday night in the back-and-forth debate over Councilmember Lynette Lee Eng’s controversial Nov. 24 comments.


In a statement she read at the March 9 city council meeting, Fligor said Lee Eng and Kenan Moos, a local Black activist, have agreed to mediation to resolve a dispute over racism accusations.

Moos and his supporters accused Lee Eng of a racist reaction after she expressed concern for her and her family’s safety after Moos texted her about her votes on police reform initiatives. Moos said Lee Eng’s reaction to his texts inferred that he posed a threat because he is a young Black man.

At every council meeting in the three months since, speakers have called on Lee Eng to apologize. Lee Eng supporters said she was being bullied into apologizing for feelings that were genuine. The debate among speakers has extended council meetings past midnight. Tuesday’s meeting was no exception.

“Both parties will agree on a mediator and who can participate in the mediation, and the city will work with both of them to facilitate the mediation,” Fligor said. “I want to take this opportunity to thank both of them for making this decision and also thank everyone who has been involved in trying to get this matter resolved. I support their decision, as I am sure my colleagues on council do, and sincerely hope they are able to resolve this matter through mediation.”

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