The Los Altos City Council was scheduled at Tuesday’s council meeting to consider a resolution backing a young Black activist in a long-running dispute with an Asian-American council member. The meeting occurred after the Town Crier’s Monday print deadline.

Lee Eng

The text of the resolution, revealed May 17, essentially defends and supports Kenan Moos in his assertion that he was unfairly targeted as a source of Lynette Lee Eng’s discomfort after she received texts from Moos at a meeting last November.

Following her Nov. 24 abstention on a police reform vote about third-party oversight, Moos sent Lee Eng texts expressing opposition over her decision. He wrote that her name “will be all over the papers,” prompting Lee Eng to publicly state she was concerned for her and her family’s safety. According to the council resolution, Moos –co-founder of the social justice group Justice Vanguard – clarified that his comments were not meant as a threat after Lee Eng made her statement.

The story over the rift has been picked up nationally and internationally, with Fox News and the Daily Mail of London both writing about the issue last week.

Although the council resolution “does not seek to punish, embarrass, or discipline any city council member or member of the community, nor does it question how anyone may have felt when they read the text messages,” the statement clearly sides with Moos and his contention that Lee Eng’s misleading statements from November were neither clarified nor corrected.

The resolution reads in part: “In his text messages to Councilmember Lee Eng, Mr. Kenan Moos DID NOT physically threaten Councilmember Lynette Lee Eng; DID NOT mention Councilmember Lee Eng’s family, or threaten them in any way; and DID NOT call Councilmember Lee Eng racist.”


Moos and his supporters have repeatedly demanded an apology from Lee Eng, while Lee Eng’s supporters say she is being bullied. Some observers have said council meetings have turned divisive and unproductive.

The proposed resolution comes after Councilmember Sally Meadows suggested at the May 11 council meeting that the council intervene. Councilmember Anita Enander has said Moos and Lee Eng should resolve the matter themselves and the council shouldn’t get involved.

The resolution, scheduled to be read at Tuesday’s council meeting, noted the council is “taking the leadership role necessary to respond to concerns raised by the council’s constituents over the last six months to bring this issue to resolution.” It asks “the community join us in finding ways to move forward and to unite our community.”

The proposed resolution, however, may further divide, in the minds of some residents.

“The city council should not take sides,” wrote Doug Krause. “This is an impasse between two people and it should be resolved outside City Council meetings times. … Any ‘solution’ that supports Kenan Moos and condemns Lynette is unacceptable.”