Burglaries fell in Los Altos last year, rose moderately in Los Altos Hills and continued a steep upward trajectory in Mountain View, according to data the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program released last month.

The Los Altos Police Department recorded 81 burglaries in 2020 compared to 107 in 2019 and 80 in 2018; the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office registered 33 in Los Altos Hills compared to 29 in 2019 and 29 in 2018; and the Mountain View Police Department documented 422 in 2020 compared to 321 in 2019 and 276 in 2018. The population of each jurisdiction is approximately 30,000, 8,400 and 83,000, respectively, according to 2019 U.S. Census data, the most recent available.

Most of the Los Altos burglaries, both residential (20) and nonresidential (19), took place at night. Los Altos Hills has very few commercial enterprises, so residential burglaries made up the bulk of the town’s burglaries overall with 19 committed during an unknown time and 10 committed at night. In Mountain View, the bulk of burglaries occurred during an unknown time, with 170 at residences and 156 at nonresidences. (An “unknown” classification often reflects a crime committed while a building remained unoccupied for an extended period of time, such as when residents left their home for a vacation.)

In 2020, thieves made off with items valued at $836,183 in Los Altos, $736,442 in Los Altos Hills and $3.76 million in Mountain View, according to the UCR data. In Los Altos, property categorized as “miscellaneous” ($313,370) proved most appealing to burglars, whereas jewelry ($501,020) and motor vehicles ($1.81 million) topped the charts in Los Altos Hills and Mountain View, respectively. No firearms were taken from Los Altos or Los Altos Hills residences, but guns valued at $4,680 disappeared from Mountain View homes. Stolen “clothing and furs” amounted to $64,962 in Los Altos, $41,647 in Los Altos Hills and $169,057 in Mountain View.

The UCR program includes “livestock” among the stolen goods categories, but no animals were taken from the three cities.

Among recovered items, law enforcement officials in 2020 tracked down $310,412 worth of stolen items in Los Altos, $96,675 in Los Altos Hills and $1.25 million in Mountain View. In each city, the vast majority of the value assigned to items corresponds to recovered vehicles.

To review the complete UCR stats, visit crime-data-explorer.app.cloud.gov.