The Santa Clara County Roads and Airports Department has scheduled a community workshop 5:30 p.m. Tuesday to solicit and address feedback following cyclists’ complaints about the new Foothill Expressway expansion project. The workshop is virtual.

County officials recently completed the $6.7 million project, which adds a lane both northbound and southbound on the expressway between the El Monte Avenue and San Antonio Road intersections. It also includes through lanes on El Monte across Foothill and squared-off corners at the intersection to eliminate “free” right turns.

But some cyclists who ride the well-traveled expressway contend the project introduced safety hazards, including two right-turn lanes on Foothill southbound at the El Monte intersection. The bike lane slot is to the left of the right-turn lane, prompting cyclists to move left from the shoulder of the road as cars are veering right to negotiate turns.

Another issue involves the lack of a designated bike lane on Foothill, a result of county policy taking a “delineate, not designate” position.

After hearing from cyclists at a Los Altos Complete Streets Commission meeting June 30, county officials suggested holding a workshop to further discuss and work out safety issues.

To participate in the workshop, visit