Odd Fellow lodge Mad Hatter Tea Party

Zoe Timmerman, from left, Jessica Dickinson Goodman, Michael Greenzeiger, Honor Wolf, Debbie Wolf and Sinéad Toolis Byrd enjoy the 2018 Odd Fellows Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

The Mountain View Independent Order of the Odd Fellows Lodge historically had been “male, pale and stale.” At least, that’s the assessment of Jessica Dickinson Goodman, outreach chairperson for Mountain View’s Lodge No. 244, who pointed to pictures of previous presiding officers (called Noble Grands) from a 30-year period sometime in the 20th century. Every single face in the black-and-white images is male and white.

But with work from Dickinson Goodman and others, the Lodge has been transforming into a younger, LGBTQ-inclusive space at 823 Villa St., on the corner of Castro Street, in the heart of downtown Mountain View.

Oddfellows exterior

The Mountain View Odd Fellows Lodge sits at the corner of Villa and Castro streets.

Flags at Oddfellow Lodge

LGBTQ and transgender Pride flags fly alongside the American flag over the Odd Fellows Lodge in downtown Mountain View.

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