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Lacey Michelle Photography/Special to the Town Crier

Melissa French, from left, Betty Willdorff and Lizzie Hammerman work out at Alkalign Studios. French and Wildorff are longtime Los Altos residents.

I often get the question, “Erin, what is the best workout for me?” My short answer: The one you will do consistently. Sounds obvious, but hear me out.

There is a lot of information out there about health, fitness, exercise and all of the “shoulds” around why you “should” do one versus the other. I bet if you counted all the exercise-related things you’ve either tried or have felt you “should” try on one hand, you’d run out of fingers. From Jazzercise to cardio kickboxing, Tae Bo, Shake Weights, step aerobics and spin class, there are so many options it’s enough to leave your head spinning.

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