Photo courtesy of Anat Catering Anat Catering included a to-go Seder plate in Passover feasts this year.

Local Jewish families and their friends and neighbors are celebrating a second Passover-at-a-distance this week. The weeklong holiday, which began last Saturday and ends Sunday evening, saw an explosion of delivery innovations this year as people experimented with how to assemble ritual foods for the holiday's festive Seder dinner and share them together online.

Los Altos Chabad prepared Seder-to-go packages available to all interested local families and hosted a “virtual matzoh factory” earlier in the month to guide people in crafting their own unleavened loaves at home.

Los Altos caterer Anat Vronsky prepared order-ahead modern feasts with a complete Seder plate as well as a profusion of kosher-for-Passover options ranging from Iraqi-Jewish meatballs (gondi shirin) to osso buco and miso salmon.

Vronsky cooks at the Jewish Community Center on Fabian Way in Palo Alto, whose kitchen has come to host a variety of micro-enterprises worth noticing, including the Ma’lawah Bar, which soft-opened earlier this month with hard-to-find (non-Passover) specialities such as jachnun and kubaneh.

Last week Ma'lawah Bar owner Doreet Jehassi offered a lesson in how to make Yemenite charoset for the Passover table: