Many people added dogs to their families during the pandemic, but because of quarantine, they haven’t brought them into many social situations. As people and dogs step back into the world, owners are discovering that their pets have reactivity problems such as barking at other people and dogs for no obvious reason.

Humane Society Silicon Valley has scheduled its Top Dogs training classes online, enabling owners to help their reactive dogs. The six-week series will be held on Zoom and is supported through Teachable, an interactive module. Available to pet owners throughout the U.S., discounts are available for HSSV adopters and volunteers.

The series is open to all dogs eight months or older, with the goal to give pet owners and their dogs the skills necessary to navigate everyday environments and reduce stress. 

The classes are available to any dog owner, regardless of location, 6:15 p.m. Wednesdays, beginning today. Cost is $250 for the series.

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