Sky’s the Limit Fund partners with 12 wilderness therapy programs across the U.S. that match the local nonprofit organization’s funding, further reducing the financial burden on the family. 

• Mission: Sky’s the Limit Fund (STLF) aims to provide youth in crisis and their families access to wilderness therapy, coaching services to guide the family during the transition home and outreach to educate the community on the benefits of wilderness therapy.

Wilderness therapy is life-saving and transformative, according to STLF representatives. Youth immersed in the wilderness, with licensed mental health professionals for two to three months, benefit from the powerful effects of nature, enabling them to focus on their mental and physical well-


Wilderness therapy is expensive and rarely covered by health insurance, making it an unattainable option for many families. STLF, founded by two Los Altos residents, provides support to families that otherwise could not afford such treatment. STLF partners with 12 wilderness therapy programs across the U.S. that match STLF’s funding, further reducing the financial burden on the family.

STLF also provides transitional support through its Coaching Service when the teens return home from wilderness therapy, giving them and their families the best chance for success moving forward. In addition, STLF’s Local Continuum of Care program provides families and young adults participating in STLF’s Coaching Service the opportunity to be reimbursed for up to $2,500 of treatment for the teen in his or her home community following wilderness therapy.

Since its inception, STLF has provided $4.4 million in support to 886 youth and their families, $8 million in support with its partner program match. More than 170 families have participated in the Coaching Service since 2016.

• 2021 update: The pandemic is uncharted territory, and its impact on mental health is significant. The number of applications for support continues to increase year after year, and all STLF families have been affected financially, mentally, emotionally and/or physically by the COVID crisis. Not only is STLF serving more families, it is providing more in financial assistance.

• Why the Holiday Fund is needed: Donations help STLF meet the growing need and transform the lives of even more youth and young adults in crisis.

Testimonials from the families highlight the impact of donors:

“He wouldn’t be where he is today had we not had the resources and support that was provided by STLF. Thank you to those who have chosen to provide financial support to STLF.”

“Being able to have STLF’s support in order to go to wilderness seriously changed my life.”

“Sky’s the Limit Fund … that’s like a gift that keeps giving.”

Sky’s the Limit Fund

Location: Sobrato Center for Nonprofits, Milpitas

Founded: 2010

Annual budget: $1.9 million

Staff: 2 full-time, 4 part-time employees; 5 contract employees