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Luba Keller, center, celebrates her new hearing aids with, from left, Pacific Hearing audiologist Brook Raguskus, Arthur Keller and Pacific Hearing co-owners Jane Baxter and Deborah Clark.

Luba Keller was overjoyed when she received her new hearing aids from Pacific Hearing Service in Los Altos Dec. 23.

“I can hear now, and I feel like I can live many more years,” the 98-year-old Holocaust survivor told employees at Pacific Hearing. “My grandkids are coming (for the holidays), and it will be wonderful to hear them. I just feel warm. I can hear everything!”

Keller was the winner of Pacific Hearing’s “Hear for the Holidays” contest last month, a competition for a free pair of hearing aids and access to audiological care.

To enter, residents were invited to nominate someone they thought deserved the opportunity to hear better. Several family members nominated Keller.

“She was so sweet,” said Deborah Clark, Au.D., co-owner of Pacific Hearing. “She was very happy.”

Keller endured enslavement by the Nazis from age 13 to 19. Her immediate family was murdered. She met her future husband in a displaced persons camp after World War II ended. They sailed to America with $8 in their pockets and stayed with relatives in New York City. The couple learned English, worked and raised three sons. Their sons attended college and each had two children. Keller has six grandchildren – one of whom is a rabbi – and four great-grandchildren.

Keller’s previous hearing aids were not working, making it hard for her to talk with relatives via FaceTime or phone. She lives on her own, so the pandemic has been a lonely time for her.

Several family members arrived early to surprise Keller at her fitting for the new hearing aids. She had no idea she would be getting the new devices.

“You are all beautiful ladies here with kind hearts,” Keller told the Pacific Hearing specialists. “May you live many more years and enjoy your families, because it all passes so quickly.”

“Hear for the Holidays” is one way the independent audiology clinic is giving back to the community, Clark said.

“As Doctors of Audiology, we know that it’s crucially important to maintain your hearing health, both for your long-term mental and physical well-being,” she said. “With so many people facing a tough situation this year, ‘Hear for the Holidays’ is an excellent opportunity for us to help out someone in our community who wouldn’t otherwise feel able to invest in hearing treatment.”

Operating since 1977, Pacific Hearing Service has offices in downtown Los Altos and Menlo Park.

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