plant sale

The Garden Club of Los Altos’ semiannual plant sale drew neighborhood plant lovers last week with a homegrown assortment of decorative, succulent and kitchen-garden plants laid out in front of Los Altos Lutheran Church.

Los Altos resident Susan Moss, who has been leading the sale since the 1990s, said the tradition has been ongoing for at least the past 52 years, based on club records. Members grow their own plants – starting seeds or dividing from their own garden – and bring a motley assortment that reflects their own growing passions.

From “compost tomatoes” (volunteer tomatoes of unknown variety) to strawberry mint, anise hyssop, cucumber, squash and lemon grass, exploring the tables was a choose-your-own adventure.

Sale proceeds fund speaker events throughout the year for the nonprofit, which gathers local gardening fans to learn together, share interests and socialize. Moss said that in recent years, succulents, water-wise plants and California native plants have been making an increasingly strong showing.

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