Students in CSMA’s Artistic Intelligence program are all smiles as they display their artwork. The school’s program ensures the arts are accessible to special-needs participants. 

• Mission: The Community School of Music and Arts ensures the arts are accessible to all, including special-needs participants in its Artistic Intelligence program, which has operated for more than a decade.

• 2021 update: Approximately 100 youth and adults from AbilityPath and Morgan Autism Center took dance, music and art classes with CSMA faculty in 2021.

“Participating in the weekly art and music classes provided by CSMA has been an incredibly gratifying experience for our clients,” said Sara Cedano, community integration program director at Morgan Autism Center. “Through art expression, our participants get the opportunity to learn something new about themselves, including their talents and interests.”

Cedano added that the center’s staff members “get to witness their growth, individuality and joy through these classes.”

Artistic Intelligence students come to CSMA with a range of strengths and challenges, and the curriculum is designed to support their development, no matter what their starting point.

“This year, we are delighted to continue our relationships with AbilityPath and Morgan Autism Center as we chart a path forward to continue serving students online and, increasingly, in person,” said Jennifer Mineer, CSMA program manager. “Each class offers the opportunity for expression and creativity, and our teachers work diligently to tailor each class session to the students in attendance. These individual explorations have a far-reaching impact on participants as they discover more about their abilities during the classes. We are excited to foster curiosity, discovery and creativity together.”

• Why the Holiday Fund is needed: Holiday Fund donations subsidize the Artistic Intelligence program and enable students from AbilityPath and Morgan Autism Center to participate.

“Donations from the Holiday Fund provide dedicated funding for these important partnerships,” said Vickie Scott Grove, CSMA executive director. “The Artistic Intelligence program is at the heart of our mission of ‘Arts for All,’ and we are very proud of the students’ accomplishments.”

CSMA Artistic Intelligence program

Location: 230 San Antonio Circle, Mountain View

Founded: 1968

Annual budget: $6 million

Staff: 160 staff and faculty members;

approximately 30 volunteeers 

Information: artsforall.org