Future drivers participate in the June 26 ASKA event.

ASKA, the new flying car dealership in downtown Los Altos, hosted a “Cars and Coffee” event Saturday morning featuring classic cars of the past and its flying car of the future.

The ASKA vehicles, which are all electric and feature a 250-mile range, are scheduled for a 2026 release.

Saturday’s event brought out a mix of visitors, including these young, future drivers.

Co-founder Guy Kaplinsky said he was inspired to start ASKA – which means “flying bird” in Japanese – after he began to notice an increasing number of families priced out of the area due to high home prices.

“So, we wanted to build a flying vehicle that would assist all the people who have moved out of the Bay Area and now get stuck in commute traffic going to work and returning home,” he said. “This gives families that have moved or plan to move to outer areas the ability to purchase beautiful new homes and a flying car for substantially less than buying in the Bay Area.”

ASKA is located at 400 Main St. For more information, visit