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Letters to the Editor

MVHS parents say thanks

The Mountain View High School Music Parents Association thanks the community for making their recent Casino Night a huge success. A special thank-you goes to all of the local merchants who generously donated items for our silent auction and raffle. Proceeds from this annual fund-raiser support the award-winning instrumental music groups at MVHS.

Francis M. Beauharnois

Mountain View

Worried drive-thru won't come through

It was very disappointing to learn that the Los Altos City Council is now hesitating in allowing Sanwa Bank to use the existing drive-through facilities at their new location in downtown Los Altos

For people with physical disabilities and for many senior citizens, drive-through banking is more than a convenience, particularly with the lack of convenient, handicapped-designated and general parking spaces available in the downtown area.

It would seem that a bank willing to offer this service would be a most welcome addition to our city.

Ron Essary

Los Altos Hills

EDITOR'S NOTE: To our knowledge, council members have not yet taken a position on the Sanwa Bank drive-through.

Los Altos way of life threatened

The joint cities of Mountain View and Sunnyvale have appointed a Community Advisory Committee on Moffett Field and are now in the process of holding public meetings to obtain public input on the NASA-Ames threat to bring air cargo operations to Moffett.

While the citizens of Mountain View have twice overwhelmingly voted against the use of Moffett for air cargo, Sunnyvale's city council denied its residents the opportunity to vote on the issue.

The advisory committee has been stacked with a disproportionate number of members who are pro air cargo and/or general aviation. Los Altos residents should be alarmed at the prospect of cargo jets flying overhead at low altitudes at all hours of the night to land at Moffett.

An environmental impact report issued by NASA a number of months back was discredited as biased and misrepresenting the effects of the jets on the quality of life in our area. NASA proposes 9,000 flights in the first year (take-off and landing), to be increased to more than 60,000 in five-to-seven years.

The peace and quiet we are enjoying with the departure of the Navy patrols will be broken with the same noises that are driving San Jose residents 10 plus miles away from the San Jose airport to complain about noise, quality of life and reduced property values.

Where our city council stands on this issue I don't know. But they have not made any announcements that I am aware of. Rep. Anna Eshoo has indicated she will vote for or against air cargo depending on citizen input.

Current and future generations of residents of this area need your support to stop NASA and the air cargo companies from ruining our way of life on the pretext of budgetary shortages and faster delivery of packages.

William F. Moniz

Los Altos

Band boosters thank merchants

The Los Altos High School Band Boosters would like to thank Lucky Food Center, De Martini Orchard, Le Boulanger, The Milk Pail Dairy and Smart & Final for donating and giving the band a discount on supplies, soft drinks, fresh produce and food.

Our annual spaghetti dinner fund raiser is a major source of income for the instrumental music program at Los Altos High School, and it is rewarding to have local merchants contribute merchandise so more of the profit can directly benefit the music programs at Los Altos.

We served more than 500 dinners on Feb. 8, and the entertainment for the evening was provided by bands and ensembles from Graham, Egan and Los Altos High School.

Karen de Vos

Los Altos

Town Crier should apologize for editorial

The following comments were presented by me to the Los Altos Council members at the March 25 city council meeting:

I don't know if any of the other council members read the March 12 Town Crier editorial commenting on the Sunkist Lane/Avalon Drive project.

I submit the following comments on the editorial but not as a council member implying any action by this council.

I am speaking as a resident of Los Altos, and reflecting some of the same concerns voiced to me by others.

Here are excerpts from the editorial:

"Granted, the proposal was unusual - one that would have allowed applicants to have the main home facing Avalon Drive and a second unit facing Sunkist Lane, but the venom several residents spewed on both sides of the plan has left hurt feelings that will take a long time to heal. Neighbors had some legitimate concerns - the plan was not conforming to city codes ... We think it's time for neighbors to reach out to neighbors, apologize for rude behavior and get on with the business of being good neighbors."

Throughout the televised Planning Commission hearing, my own personal meetings with parties on both sides of the issue and council public hearings, I witnessed no rude behavior. I did note legitimate concerns clearly expressed, and rightly so.

In my opinion, it would be fitting for the Town Crier to apologize to all Los Altans for its condescending editorial.

Bob Gray

Los Altos City Council member

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