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Letters to the Editor

Los Altos drivers ignore right-hand rule

Four-way stops downtown would be a brilliant way to balance the budget. Put a cop – no, you’d need two – on each corner and let them write tickets all day to those who break the law. (They could also do that by actively enforcing the cell/text law, but that’s a rant for another time.)

As somebody who for the past 25 years has four times a day run the gauntlet of both Covington/Springer and Cuesta/Springer, my impression is that fewer than 50 percent of the populace understands the right-hand rule.

The only regulation that most seem to follow (other than the one that endorses only slowing, not stopping, before a right-hand turn) is, “I came, I stopped, I’m going – without looking to see if it’s my turn or not.”

If it’s real chaos we want, why not go whole hog and put in roundabouts?

E. Garry Hill

Los Altos

Raising awareness for Parkinson’s sufferers

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, helping bring much-needed attention to this chronic, progressive neurological disease that affects movement, speaking and cognitive function.

More than 1 million Americans live with Parkinson’s disease – my husband included – and it is important that we use this month to celebrate, commemorate and educate the public and our elected officials about Parkinson’s, and the need for a cure.

I want to encourage U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, who represent California, to support biomedical research that can lead to better treatments and a cure for Parkinson’s. Their leadership is important to me and the entire Parkinson’s community.

I also wish to make the Los Altos community aware of this disease, which affects so very many in our immediate area.

Thelma I. Ackley

Los Altos

Driving Through Town

Driving to town

Oh what a pain

Just to get

To First and Main

Driving down Main

Oh what a mess

Causes rage and

A whole lot of stress!

Hard hats pounding

Boulders mounding

Dust in the air

Which way to go

I do not know

Signs point everywhere!

What’s all this for?

What do they say?

Well – bee-u-tif-cation

Is on the way!

Oh, yeah?

Bea Teer

Los Altos

When older comforts are at education’s expense, Rome falls

We are witnessing the most appalling lapse in governance since Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

The March 9 front page of the Town Crier tells us, matter-of-factly, “City looks to outside help for civic center,” and later in the same issue, on page 29, asks if the city is “age-friendly.” The next day the front page of the Daily News tells us “50 pink slips for Los Altos teachers.”

But the folks who think they’re doing the elderly a big favor by putting in a great nutrition center and snazzy surroundings haven’t stopped to consider that if they do it at the expense of the schools, they’re invalidating the older people’s lives. Everything they did in their lives, every sacrifice or investment, was to the end of making a better life for their children and grandchildren, and the children of this country and the world.

When, after Proposition 13, a disproportionate amount of public funds went to salaries and perks for senior public employees, they taxed themselves extra for the schools, with parcel taxes, passed despite the handicap of an undemocratic two-thirds majority requirement.

People now in their 80s and 90s, even the poorly educated, were wise enough to understand that the schools aren’t just for the benefit of the students and their parents, but for the whole of society. A society depends on a superior work force to do the kind of work that produces the wealth to pay the taxes and the retired workers’ pensions, as well as pay for the homes that pay property taxes.

We, not just the city councilmembers, but all of us whom they represent, are beautifying a community that is bleeding to death.

Fiddle on.

Stephanie Muñoz

Los Altos Hills

Student urges Yes vote on Measure E

I agree with the Town Crier editorial (“Yes on Measure E, schools parcel tax,” April 6) that we should vote Yes on Measure E without hesitation.

I am currently a student at a Los Altos School District junior high school, and I think that it is time we realized that Measure E is necessary for our district. I know that with or without Measure E, teachers will still be laid off and budget cuts will be made, but I think it is high time that we realized that education is one of the things that makes Los Altos what it is today.

To not vote Yes on this parcel-tax measure would be ignoring what makes our city great. Many say that they don’t have children attending these schools, but I think it is time we all realized regardless that education makes our city and community what it is.

Los Altos isn’t really a city of huge commerce, big industry or constant innovation, but if we say yes to Measure E, I think we could all say that it is a city of great education.

Avery James

Los Altos

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