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Letters to the Editor

City should accept responsibility

I read with great interest your article titled “Residents upset over directive to undo road repair” in the Los Altos Town Crier (Nov. 25).

I can see there are new shoulder-paving jobs done recently in our neighborhood. Why are the Sangerloos and the Mars targeted?

Although everybody should abide by the law, more importantly, it should be carried out equally. In the article, Mr. Sangerloo said, “Nobody communicated this policy to us.”

If they are required to undo the repair, the city ought to take the responsibility in the first place.

C. John Won

Los Altos

Cement plant ‘polluted’ with editorial bias

With respect to the Nov. 18 article, “Opponents offer 3-phase plan to halt cement plant operations,” the use of the term “pollutive” in the opening sentence as well as in the photo caption destroys any hopes we might have had for objectivity in the rest of the article.

After all, everything we do contributes to pollution in this area.

The homeowners need to remember that the cement plant was there before many of them built their houses.

Chris Simonson

Los Altos

Editor’s note: Saying a cement plant pollutes isn’t bias, it’s fact. It’s not to say plant officials aren’t reducing emissions, but mining limestone and making cement is an extremely dirty process by its very nature.

Disregarding rules of the road illogical

It is my understanding that bicyclists, as people who share the road with cars, must obey the rules of the road.

Having a bad experience with a driver is not a justification to ignore the rules of the road and endanger pedestrians and drivers.

By this logic, none of us would have to obey the rules of the road because we have seen bad actions done by other drivers.

Steve Bristow

Los Altos Hills

Martial arts studio should not be overlooked

I was disappointed to find not even a mention of Foothill Martial Arts when I read the article on businesses at Woodland Plaza (Town Crier, Nov. 25).

In an age of childhood (and adult) obesity and kids parked in front of computers, video games and televisions, places like Foothill Martial Arts should be noted.

My 5-year-old daughter, 8-year-old son and my husband all take classes in the Shotokan style of karate at the studio.

They are able to take as many classes as they wish each week, and all three have benefited from the exercise, the discipline and the time together.

Foothill Martial Arts is an asset to the Los Altos community and should not be overlooked.

Jennifer Lopez

Los Altos

Editor’s note: Staff writer Jana Seshadri made an effort to contact Foothill Martial Arts for the story, but her call went unreturned. But we agree wholeheartedly that this is a worthy business to feature.

Learning from a ‘green life’

I am writing in response to the opinion expressed regarding Forrest Linebarger (Town Crier, Oct. 14). I have known him personally for nearly five years, and although I have not had any business dealings with him, I have had the opportunity to marvel at how he lives his life.

In my opinion, who Forrest is completely embodies sustainability and the green life. Forrest grows his own food year-round, doesn’t eat meat, humanely raises chickens for egg production, frequents only local merchants and cans and preserves food from his gardens.

He hangs his laundry to dry, doesn’t own a dishwasher, implements greywater systems and uses toilet/sink combination units, all in a concerted effort to further reduce water and energy consumption.

He bikes to and from work and plans his errands strategically, thus keeping his car mileage to a minimum.

So when I read the letters to the editor that suggests he is no friend to the environment, I felt compelled to add another perspective for those persons who may have read the previous comments to consider.

Forrest certainly espouses a sustainably green life, which, in my opinion, is something from which many of us could learn a thing or two.

Lisa Walton

Los Altos

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