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Letters to the Editor

Not fair to cement plant

Regarding the Nov. 18 article, “Opponents offer 3-phase plan to halt cement plant”: The cement plant has been there for nearly 100 years and provides employment.

I am disturbed when people move to an area knowing full-well what is present, then complain that it is not a good area to live in because of the pre-existing plant.

If you do not want to smell cows, do not move near a dairy, if you do not like airplanes, do not move near an airport.

It is unfair to the workers and owners of an existing business for this “after-I-moved-in” NIMBY attitude to eliminate jobs and harm a pre-existing business.

Steve Bristow

Los Altos

Reduce hours for ‘magic lights’

The other day I went for my usual walk in downtown Los Altos at 4:30 p.m. The sun was still shining, however the nice lights on the trees on Main, Second and State streets were already on.

The next morning on my way to the library at 10 a.m., the lights were still on.

I personally think that the lights should not be turned on until 6 p.m. and be turned off at 7 a.m. I love those lights and I think it brings something magical to downtown. So let’s stop wasting energy.

By the way, whoever put the Ear Warmer on the (Walter Singer) bust at the downtown plaza, “Great Show!”

K. Gabrielle Tiemann

Los Altos

Approves of ‘visioning’ funding – just imagine

I was ecstatic to hear that there will be funds allocated to some visioning workshops regarding the revitalization of downtown Los Altos.

Our town deserves to be a place that residents and visitors desire to visit and invest their dollars in our local economy. I do believe that we can learn from the other surrounding cities on what they have done and yet be different.

Imagine lofts and offices on three-story buildings? Underground parking in the plaza areas with native gardens, parks for children? Main Street as a curved cobble-type street from Foothill Expressway.? Imagine a year-round farmers market. Imagine landscaping along the frontage area of Foothill Expressway and San Antonio Road, instead of the backside of buildings and refuse that we now view.

Connie Mariottini

Los Altos

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