Los Altos natives Allie Nguyen and Thomas Rasmussen, pictured at center, opted to create a fundraiser and animal adoption theme for their wedding, partnering with the local non-profit animal shelter Pets In Need via their “puppy wedding bouquets.” 

Los Altos/Los Altos Hills natives Allie Nguyen and Thomas Rasmussen threw an animal adoption-themed wedding last spring with many touchpoints to their shared local community.

Nguyen’s family has been volunteers and supporters for Pets In Need, the animal shelter serving the area, and PIN agreed to participate in a fundraising photoshoot with puppies in lieu of bouquets at Lincoln Park. The reception featured an “adoption wall” profiling animals ready for adoption.


The "whimsical baroque" wedding reception theme included crowns, gilt and the playful idealization of queens and kings in nature.


Nguyen and Rasmussen lavishly decorated Los Altos’ new community center for their elder-honoring tea ceremony and wedding reception.



Rasmussen and Nguyen wore Vietnamese garments for the Chinese tea ceremony they incorporated into their wedding, acknowledging her Vietnamese and Chinese roots and celebrating elders among both their families. 



Eliza Ridgeway edits the Food & Wine, Camps, Bridal, Celebrations and Beyond the Classroom sections at the Town Crier, as well as reporting for all sections of the paper.

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