Asher Kohn/Town Crier

Owner Jade Luong, center, with Green Bakery employees inside the cafe.

Green Bakery & Cafe, the new cafe at the south end of Rancho Shopping Center, might only have opened its doors April 29, but the sweet endeavor was years in the making. Jade Luong owns it in partnership with Kevin Chau, who ran Los Altos Bakery & Cafe at the location for 13 years.

Vince Le, the 31-year-old assistant to owner Jade Luong, spoke about the new layout in a familiar location.

“I always wanted to open a unique bakery,” he said. “And this is such a nice place.”

Green Bakery aims to do something different, offering a diverse menu for a diverse demographic. It will remain open in the evenings – they plan to keep the lights on until 8 p.m. – to attract local elementary, middle and high school students.

“Around this area, everything closes around 3 p.m.,” Le said. “We open late to add value in this community, and also so kids have a place to hang out.”

With a broad menu ranging from banh mi to croissants, Green Bakery hopes to hit the older crowd as well. On a weekday afternoon, Sally Keep and Anne Schultz cooled off after a garden club tour with iced teas on Green Bakery’s patio.

“They’ve got wonderful decorations,” said Keep, a Menlo Park resident. “I liked how cozy it was inside.”

Schultz, a Palo Alto resident, agreed.

“I was fascinated by the bottles,” she said of the decor, which features bottles of Top Tea, Le’s house-brand bubble tea, served in what looks like an oversized Edison light bulb.

“The kids will keep them, and it’s a nice way to present a drink,” Le said while implying that he will showcase other unique packaging in the future. “It will change, and we will put them in something else unique.”

Green Bakery does not rely on bells and whistles. Le said he wants to focus on quality ingredients and great customer service to separate his cafe from the competition.

“We don’t use artificial ingredients, only natural and organic food,” he said. “We also talk to customers. We want to build a relationship with them.”

The interior, decorated like a clubhouse, is outfitted with multiple televisions. Le screens a crowdsourced slideshow of Green Bakery images to forge a customer relationship, and he hopes to host events and school fundraisers and sponsor sports teams in the future.

Le plans to support Los Altos customers, and he knows that children are the future.

“The funny thing is, early in the morning we will play jazz. After 2 p.m., we put on younger music and then we’ll have a line out the door,” he said. “There is no place for kids to hang out (in Los Altos). Here, it is safe to hang out.”

Green Bakery & Cafe is located at 692 Fremont Ave. Hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

For more information, call 559-0382.

This piece has been edited for clarification. Jade Luong owns Green Bakery & Cafe in partnership with Kevin Chau. Vince Le is an assistant to Luong.