Courtesy of Rajat Mishra Los Altos CEO Rajat Mishra, center, serves on the leadership council of the nonprofit No Kid Hungry.

Rajat Mishra, co-founder and CEO of Los Altos-based Prezentium, recently joined the leadership council of No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit combating child hunger in the United States.

Each year, No Kid Hungry dedicates tens of millions of dollars to various initiatives, from free meals to research and policy, according to the Washington, D.C.-based organization.

“I am incredibly humbled to join the leadership council,” Mishra said. “The people are amazing, the mission is great and I’m thrilled to help any way I can.”

The leadership council, comprising dozens of leaders in the culinary, media and tech industries, organizes outreach efforts and helps guide No Kid Hungry.

Mishra co-founded Prezentium with his wife, Deepti Juturu. The couple said they started it with the mission that “everyone deserves a fair chance to bring their ideas to life.” Through the company, clients submit draft presentations by 5:30 p.m. and receive professionally finished slides by 9:30 a.m. the next morning.

Dual mission

According to Mishra, Prezentium has always been rooted in giving. Through its Presentations with Heart initiative, the company contributes $1 to charity for every slide produced. The money is donated to No Kid Hungry, as well as the Sonia Nabeta Foundation in Uganda and the Adruta Children’s Home in India.

Mishra added that in the past 12 months, Prezentium has raised more than $250,000 to charity through its Presentations with Heart program.

“Right from the beginning, we always wanted to create a company with a dual mission,” the Los Altos resident said. “On the social side, our mission is to help underprivileged children realize their potential.”

Prezentium began donating to No Kid Hungry at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Mishra, who was inspired by the nonprofit when he learned that one in six children in the U.S. faces the risk of hunger. After reaching out to see how he could further his involvement, Mishra accepted a nomination to join the leadership council.

“When the pandemic caused even more kids to go hungry, Rajat saw the urgent need, became inspired by the work of our No Kid Hungry campaign and stepped up to help,” said Christina Donatelli Stodder, the California director of development for Share Our Strength, No Kid Hungry’s parent organization. “Rajat’s passion, leadership and breadth of expertise will help us build awareness and advance our work.”

Mishra said he hopes to bring a Silicon Valley perspective to the council, using his network of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and tech executives to extend No Kid Hungry’s reach.

“We can use a platform, connect with more people and then bring some of the data science and tech to how No Kid Hungry operates,” he said.

For now, Mishra said he looks forward to attending more council meetings, as well as expanding Prezentium. His company is set to launch a new software product in the coming weeks that will enable it to more efficiently produce slides. Prezentium also recently started a podcast called “Think Deeply, Speak Simply,” which delves into communication and business management.

Mishra said he hopes Prezentium’s philanthropy expands along with the company.

“Childhood hunger is not an unsolvable problem,” he said. “As Prezentium continues to grow, I want to keep integrating giving into that.”

For more information on No Kid Hungry, visit nokidhungry.org.

For more information on Prezentium, visit prezentium.com.