Battle Timz

Los Altos resident Yash Maheshwari created Battle Timz, a card game he sells online.

During the pandemic, many people started new projects to keep themselves busy. But for 12-year-old Yash Maheshwari, that project wasn’t knitting or baking the perfect loaf of bread; Yash started a business, designing and selling his own card game.

Called Battle Timz, it is a points-based card game for those 8-years-old and up, according to Yash. The Los Altos resident said Battle Timz – now available on Amazon – was inspired by the games he played with his sister during quarantine.

“I don’t really know how exactly I came up with all the rules, but I combined many different games that I liked and thought of classic games like Monopoly Deal and Uno,” Yash said. “When I started working on the game, it was just a Google Doc where I thought about the rules and cards, and then eventually it became an actual card game.”

From that point, the Blach Intermediate School seventh-grader said he designed the cards using Canva, wrote a rule book and reached out to manufacturers to produce his game.

“My favorite part (of this process) was probably when I got the first sample from my manufacturer; it turned out way better than I expected,” he said. “I just really liked the quality feeling of the cards and the feeling of the box.”

Throughout the process, Yash noted that his family offered their full support. His 9-year-old sister, Ria, helped Yash test out Battle Timz, and his parents funded his endeavor by covering his manufacturing costs.

Yash said his biggest challenge was selling the game, because he considers himself shy. His first sales pitch was through a Kickstarter campaign, which exceeded his $1,000 goal.

While Yash found the selling process difficult, overcoming the obstacles of starting his own business taught him about the importance of determination and perseverance.

“When you start something, you have to be dedicated the whole way, and you have to keep going,” he said. “Throughout the process, I was more dedicated sometimes. And when I wasn’t dedicated, it slowed down, and I wasn’t accomplishing stuff. Pretty much any kid can do this; they just have to be dedicated.”

Yash created a company name and formed a limited liability company as one of the last steps in the process of creating Battle Timz. After scrolling through available names and noticing the prominence of Latin options, Yash said he settled on Novus Innovation.

“‘Novus’ means ‘new’ in Latin,” he said. “I wanted to be able to use the name for anything, really, and any of my future endeavors. My plan is to innovate.”

This isn’t Yash’s only project. His other ones focus on computer science, including an app he created called MyChitChapApp and a voice assistant that’s able to answer simple questions such as what’s the daily weather and current time.

“I like problem solving and thinking of how you’re going to code something to solve something,” he said.