Traci Des Jardins’ new upscale eatery el Alto opens for limited seating at the lounge, bar and communal table starting 5 p.m. Thursday for walk-in guests.

Traci Des Jardins' modern Mexican restaurant, El Alto, abruptly closed Friday just six months into its tenure as an upscale dining location in downtown Los Altos. A statement on its website said that it had ceased operations but did not elaborate on why. 


San Francisco restaurateur Traci Des Jardins' first enterprise south of the city, el Alto combines Mexican culinary traditions with California cuisine.

In a statement posted on Instagram Saturday, Des Jardins wrote that "It has been incredible to operate in Los Altos where the interest, excitement, and reception to the restaurant blew me away. It was a wonderful experience to again work alongside Chef Robert Hurtado, as well as the amazing kitchen and front-of-house staff that worked to bring this concept to life. I loved hearing the feedback from guests as we interacted in the dining room. At the end of the day, I’m incredibly proud and grateful to have been a part of this project."



Eliza Ridgeway edits the Food & Wine, Camps, Bridal, Celebrations and Beyond the Classroom sections at the Town Crier, as well as reporting for all sections of the paper.

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