Mercedes-Benz AMG

The new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 S has plenty of power, thanks to its 4.0-liter biturbo V8 that makes 630 horsepower and 664 pounds of torque.

Let’s pretend no one has ever seen a TV or movie version of “Batman.” We’re making the first TV show, and there’s a budget to work with. We want it to be semi-believable, so he’s a guy with money, but not someone who’s going to make a tank in his garage – he has to work with what exists.

In my brain (and no, I haven’t thought a lot about this), Bruce Wayne drives a Mercedes-Benz S580 (reviewed in last November’s On the Road). But down in the Batcave, waiting for night to fall, he has a Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S. Maybe his is matte black instead of the Brilliant Blue Magno of our tester, and, sure, he’s tricked it out with some gadgets to make crime-fighting easier, but beyond that, this is everything he needs – including the stealth to move around the city without attracting undue attention. At night, with deep-tinted windows, he’s just another rich guy driving the streets of Gotham City.

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