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Finding your happy place: New yoga studio owners aim to offer something for everyone in Los Altos

Photos Ellie Van Houtte/Town Crier
Classes at Yoga of Los Altos are now run under the auspices of Jochen Kumm and Toni Adams (in glasses), who assumed ownership of the State Street studio last month.

Jochen Kumm wants Los Altos residents to know they’ll always have a place to go when they need to unwind, find a little spirituality or simply loosen up tight muscles.

The Palo Alto resident assumed ownership of Yoga of Los Altos in March along with business partner and former yoga student Toni Adams – replacing retired owner and yoga instructor Andi Bruno. Kumm, who also teaches yoga at the studio, said he hopes to turn his business at 377 First St. into a place where any Los Altos resident – from weekend warrior to senior – can find a style of yoga that fits his or her lifestyle.


Antibiotics can make your child sick

Courtesy of Wiki Commons
Following your doctor’s advice about administering antibiotics is key to keeping children healthy, according to Dr. Stephanie C. Chiang.

When children get sick, their parents just want them to get better as quickly as possible. But antibiotics aren’t always the answer. Antibiotics can be powerful tools for fighting bacterial infections, but using them too much or in the wrong situations can actually make your child sicker over the long term.


The Pilates Reformer: What's it all about?

Courtesy of Kim Gladfelter
The Pilates Reformer can relieve individuals’ suffering from lower-back and neck pain. It can also speed up recovery from some injuries.

Perhaps you have caught a glimpse of the curious contraption that takes center stage at every Pilates gym – the Reformer.


Migraine: More than a bad headache

Throbbing head, sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, visual disturbance and an inability to function normally. If you suffer from migraine headaches, you probably recognize at least some of these symptoms. And you are not alone. The National Headache Foundation estimates that more than 37 million Americans, more than 10 percent of the population, suffer from migraines.


PAMF, El Camino Hospital launch pulmonary fellowships

El Camino Hospital and the Palo Alto Medical Foundation are collaborating with the UC San Francisco Fellowship Program to offer the first interventional pulmonology fellowships on the West Coast.

Interventional pulmonology is an emerging field within pulmonary medicine that focuses on the use of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to treat patients with lung cancer, airway disorders and pleural (lung) diseases.


How to protect yourself against Medicare gaps

COURTESY of Wiki Commons

Your original Medicare insurance covers a wide variety of health services, from flu shots to hospital stays and hospice care. But it doesn’t cover everything, and it doesn’t cover all of your out-of-pocket costs.

Many services covered by Original Medicare require co-payments, coinsurance and deductibles. You can purchase extra insurance to cover these gaps in Medicare, such as Medicare Supplement Insurance or Medigap. Some Medigap policies also provide coverage that Original Medicare doesn’t, like emergency care in a foreign country.


A local addition that aims to subtract: JumpstartMD weight-loss clinic opens in Mountain View

Photos by Ellie Van Houtte/Town Crier
Stanford-trained Dr. Sean Bourke opened the 11th JumpstartMD clinic at 1503 Grant Road, Suite 150 earlier this month. Initial visits to JumpstartMD clinics include body mass index measurements for clients and nutrition plans, among other personalized services.

One of the founders of a new clinic in Mountain View isn’t merely satisfied with helping patients lose extra pounds. He aims to help them develop healthful lifestyle habits to keep the weight off, too.

JumpstartMD opened the doors to its new clinic at 1503 Grant Road earlier this month – the 11th Bay Area location in little more than seven years for Stanford University-trained doctors and co-founders Sean Bourke and Conrad Rai. The duo started the venture in 2007 after seeing an abundance of patients with weight-related ailments during their time working in emergency medicine at Stanford Hospital. In response, Bourke and Rai created a weight-loss program tailored to meet each client’s unique needs – starting from the ground up.


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