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Medicare covers screening tests for those at risk of diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease. It can lead to kidney problems, glaucoma and other eye disorders, foot ulcers, amputation of feet or legs, stroke, diabetic coma and even death.


Local storyteller shares magic of the spoken word across generations

Ridgeway/Town Crier Storyteller Enid Davis casts a spell as schoolchildren listen intently at Hidden Villa.

Los Altos resident Enid Davis made her living sharing stories on the printed page as a librarian. As a not-really-retired retiree, her second chapter takes beloved tales live.

“Storytelling is not exactly at the height of its popularity,” she said ruefully. “But people are going to get sick of their cellphones eventually and want to share a meaningful human experience one-on-one. I just try to do it as many places as I can and create other storytellers.”


'Circle of Loyalty: The Furuichi story'

Courtesy of Darryl Furuichi
George Furuichi, co-founder of the Los Altos Nursery, served in the U.S. Army during World War II.

Today is garden day, and my favorite place to be is the Los Altos Nursery checking out new plants for my patio gardens.


Four-legged friends retire with owners at Moldaw Residences

Courtesy of Moldaw Residences
Former Los Altos Hills resident Ruth Fish tends to Toby and Sadie – her “children that never leave home” – at Moldaw Residences.

An in-depth study is not required to know that pets make people feel good and offer comfort, but scientific research shows why the companion-animal bond is therapeutic.

According to one study, after only 15 minutes of interacting with a beloved pet, a chemical chain reaction in the brain occurs, leading to lower blood pressure and stress levels almost immediately. Over the long term, pet bonding can lower cholesterol levels and help protect against heart disease and stroke.


Senior health: Does your insurance plan pay for elder care?

In less than four decades, the senior population in the U.S. will double. At last count, the total was 41 million, and it will multiply to more than twice that by 2050. Globally, the number of people 65 and older expands from 531 million to 1.5 billion. Countries like Japan, South Korea and Germany will find their majority population to be over the age of 50.


How to report Medicare fraud

Most doctors, pharmacists and other health-care providers who work with Medicare are honest. Unfortunately, some aren’t.


'Skinny kid' pens centennial ode to his alma mater

Ah, the college campus in the fall. Football. And, usually sometime in October, homecoming – the alumni reunion weekend. Nostalgia time for Old Grads, for sure.


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