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Sun-baked souvenirs: Oceanside retreat evokes memories

courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Over our adult years, our weekends at the beach have been few and far between. We don’t happen to have a retreat at the shore, so our stays overlooking the waves have always been something of a group effort in a large, rented condo – you bring your gang, we’ll bring ours, we’ll split all the costs and rotate the role of dinner chef.

We tried to help each other limit the tanning to medium-well. You might call each oceanside adventure a controlled burn.

One time, my Muse went along for the ride, and I awoke the second night to a verse that I managed to keep intact until I could write it down in the morning. Reciting it over breakfast, I was greeted with a gratifying response; I saved it. It’s now among my souvenirs.

Had a wonderful time. Go back there with us now:

Beach Front Sojourn

We divvied up the kitchen chores

Then roasted in the sun

We baby-sat the kids in shifts

And catnapped one by one

We shared the golden moments

Then danced when the moon was hung

But best of all, that holiday

We took turns being young.

– July 11, 1995, Monterey Dunes

Bob Simon is a longtime Los Altos resident. For more information or to comment on his column, call him at 948-9054 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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