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On The Road

Intersection safety is no accident

Statistics show that about one-third of all car crashes occur at intersections. Fortunately, most intersection collisions are avoidable.

Below are some important dos and don'ts that can put you and your family on the road to safety.

Here's what you should do:

Maintain a safe following distance between your car and any vehicles in front of you.

Slow down and keep your foot near the brake pedal as you approach an intersection.

Keep your wheels straight to avoid being pushed into the other lane if you are hit from behind.

Make sure other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians have enough time to react by using your signals well in advance of turning.

Watch for emergency vehicles and funeral processions.

Beware of motorcycles, which are often hidden by blind spots.

Watch for pedestrians crossing the street.

Be courteous to other drivers. Follow the rules of the road.

Wait until the light turns green and/or it's your turn to go.

Remember that at four-way stop signs, stop behind the line or crosswalk. Wait your turn before entering the intersection. When two vehicles on different roadways arrive at the intersection at the same time, the vehicle on the left should yield to the vehicle on the right.

Look in each direction before proceeding. Watch out for drivers trying to beat the signal change.

And here's what you shouldn't do:

Don't try to beat a yellow light or run a red light. Proceed through a yellow light only if you are unable to safely stop.

Don't change lanes in an intersection.

- North American Precis Syndicate

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