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On The Road

Survey tests Americans' love for their cars

In today's time-starved, convenience-at-any-cost world, are Americans becoming detached from their automobiles?

As drivers engage in multi-tasking in stop-and-go traffic, frequent automated car washes and marvel at new cars advertised as so maintenance-free that their hoods could be welded shut, one might think so.

Pennzoil has decided to put this relationship to the test in a nationwide poll that asks drivers "How's Your Automotive Attitude?"

Preliminary survey responses already have turned up interesting but inconclusive information regarding whether or not our national automotive relationship could use a tune-up.

Whether you love your automobile or wish it would mysteriously disappear, you may find these initial responses from 1,000 American drivers entertaining. Consider:

One out of every two drivers surveyed said the words "dependable" or "practical" best described their automobile. A mere five percent of respondents chose such words as "sexy" or "luxurious" to describe their car.

Approximately 50 percent of drivers have named an automobile. "Intimidator," "Wrinkles" and "Silver Bullet" are just some of the descriptive names reported.

People who drive sports cars are more likely to name their vehicle, perhaps due to the fact that this group also is the most likely to describe themselves as feeling "creative" while in stop-and-go driving.

Even though the majority of those surveyed are "stressed" and "frustrated" when in stop-and-go driving, most drivers agree that severe driving conditions are harder on their engines than themselves.

More than 70 percent of those surveyed admitted that they had made inappropriate gestures while driving in stop-and-go traffic.

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