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The Haunted Castle

Ramona, also called "Dutchy," had been kidnapped by the emperor, Robert. Her sister Emi had gone to save her. She had been gone for a while, and the town was thinking the castle was haunted. Or so they thought.

"Come on, where is she?" Emi muttered under her breath.

"I'd try that way."

The voice startled Emi. It was a ghost. "AHH!" Emi screamed.

"Oh, don't you know me?" the ghost asked. "Well, I'm going to help you. I'm Ron G."

Somewhere else, a rabbit named Cicely waited.

Ramona had been put in a cell, and she had met Cicely inside. "Your friend Emi comes ...," she told Ramona, "and I, the queen, have got a plan."

Emi had found a tunnel, and Robert with it.

"And now, you must fall, Emi," he said wickedly. But Ron had run up and tripped him. He fell, and the keys scattered across the floor. Emi grabbed them and ran ... into Ramona.

"What?" she said.

Ramona smiled mysteriously, along with Cicely. "Let's get out of here," she replied.

But Robert had caught up with him. He said, "I now want to be your friend. I've always wanted to meet a ghost."

So out through the pumpkin gate, the skeleton wall, and the jack-o-lantern hill, from then and from on, the five rabbits were good friends forever. And how the queen and Ramona got out? Well, my friend, that will remain a mystery.

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