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The Ghost of the Winchester Mystery House

There is a ghost in the Winchester Mystery House. It is the ghost of Sarah Winchester's dog, if she had one. It flies through the house, watching people gape at its mistress's house.

One day it grew tired of staying invisible and was lonely. It wanted a friend. The following afternoon the dog ghost got its chance. A little girl had wandered off from her tour. The ghost appeared before her, woofing happily. It wagged its tail so hard; it would have come off, had it been alive. Instead of being delighted to see the dog, the girl ran screaming to her mom. The canine was greatly disappointed. But he decided to try again the following day.

He tried, tried, and tried again. But every time he failed, failed, and failed again. Children just didn't seem to like the ghosts of crazy lady's dogs. The dog, growing tired of being run from, decided to try a final time. This time he groomed his ectoplasm until it shined like moonlight. As he appeared before another child, her mouth seemed to literally drop to the floor! Then she stuttered, "I..I'm sorry, I don't b-b-believe we've met? If you are wondering, I can't take you home; my live dog wouldn't like it."

Woofing sadly, the ghost dog nodded its head. As it became invisible, it gave a howl, and disappeared completely.

"Wait!" cried the girl. "I think I can take you home!"

With a questioning bark, the dog came into view.

"That's what you want, right? To come home with me?"

Yipping agreement, the ghost of Sarah Winchester's dog, if she had one, followed the girl back to her group, happy to have a new home.

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