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The Dark Night

Swiftly and silently out of the darkness came a mysterious shape running full speed. It grabbed hold of me and pulled me into the gloom. I was knocked unconscious.

When I woke up a silhouette of a wall stood directly in my path. My hands felt the cold, worn surface. A strange sensation came over me. I was taken into the rhythm and beat of the wall. I bowed down to the wall and prayed towards it.

Soon a cold wind brushed against my back. I turned around but there was only darkness. Abruptly, I realized that I had become a different form - a white cylindrical shape. I was pulled by a mysterious force into the black.

A form just like mine rolled toward me. I found myself under the control of the mysterious object. Even my heartbeat rhythm was the same as its heartbeat rhythm.

But then the form shrank into a small statue. A cold, scared feeling ran through me. I rubbed my hand over the surface of the statue and I started falling through darkness. I kept falling - it seemed to never come to an end - until finally I found myself on a planet much unlike Earth. Cylindrical shapes surrounded me everywhere. They chanted in a foreign language, over and over again. I didn't know what they meant but I knew something had changed inside of me. The cylindrical shapes rolled me toward a dimly lit passageway. At the end of the passageway I saw a light off in the gloom. Reaching the light, I found myself in a powerful light beam. Something was thrust into my hand. I heard a boom and I was back home again.

I looked at what had been handed to me. I could hardly believe my eyes-a skull and cross bones grinned back at me!

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