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Letters to the Editor

Remove coyotes from Los Altos

Coyotes are dangerous apex predators that are killing many cats (at least 10 in the past year) and will move on to attacking dogs and people.

Nationally, a number of people have been attacked recently, including four by rabid coyotes. There are serious problems in Los Angeles and San Francisco, with numerous cat, dog and human attacks.

Letters to the Editor

Sophomores don’t need to take AP classes

Why are high school students in local schools so stressed? Maybe because they and their families believe advice like that in the Town Crier’s “Road to College” column that sophomore year is the time to take an AP class (“Start the school year with college readiness in mind,” Aug. 3).

These classes are intended for juniors and seniors. Anxious parents pressure schools into admitting their younger children into AP classes, and kids figure they must meet the “challenge” or they will not be able to compete for college admission.

Letters to the Editor

Dog-park proposal gives resident pause

Regarding the Town Crier’s July 27 editorial (“A good time to try off-leash dog areas?):

I own a dog. I walk my dog every day on a leash. Every day I see dogs running at Grant Park unleashed. I have seen dog owners whose homes back up to the park (not all people) open their gates and let their dogs roam unattended, apparently feeling this is an open bathroom for their dogs. I see that the editor wants to have dog parks. Well, can we please consider a few things?

Letters to the Editor

Finding options to save Maltby’s

We noted in the July 20 Town Crier that the sword of Damocles again hangs over Maltby’s Public House restaurant.

As we have been regular customers there for years – as have many others in town – we are wondering whether a solution could be found.

Letters to the Editor

Where’s the plan for district land?

Where is the plan? As a member of the Facilities Master Plan Advisory Committee, we were mandated to help create the best plan and garner community support. The committee was shut down before a plan was created.

I request that the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees direct staff and consultants to develop the best plan, one that solely uses existing land to house 10 school sites. The plan should be made available to the public, including voters, taxpayers and the community, once developed. If there is too much work for staff to do, then I suggest that you reconvene the committee. After all, the committee already asked to explore all options and to continue discussions while removing all the artificial constraints, specifically relocating a district school, district offices or private preschool.

Letter to the Editor

LAH should examine short-term rentals

I used to think that a short-term rental (Airbnb style) was operated by someone who has a spare bedroom to share and was thus not a big issue. Living in Los Altos Hills, I was surprised to find out that one of my neighbors in a small cul-de-sac is renting out all five bedrooms of his house to transient renters and is applying to add four more bedrooms to his house.

We can’t tell what the additional rooms are intended for, but naturally no one looks forward to having a nine-bedroom motel right next door that brings in strangers to our neighborhood every day and night.

Letters to the Editor

Is 15 mph speed limit really effective?

Now that school is out for the summer, this is a good time to reflect on our new 15 mph school zone speed limits.

How many of you truly drove 15 mph through these zones? I am guessing very few of you. I would go 15 mph every time I was in one of the school zones at the start and end of school hours, and not once did I encounter another 15 mph driver. Every time I drove 15 mph, the cars ahead of me would gain distance from me, and the cars behind me would pile up at my bumper. Once I entered one of these zones behind a Google self-driving car, and even it gained distance in front of me as I crawled along at 15 mph. (As a side note, I wonder how those cars know if “Children Are Present.”) Many kids biking to school would be going faster than I was driving. They would look at me, I suspect, wondering why I was driving along beside them nearly at their speed.

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