Letters to the Editor

All should observe LAH zoning ordinances

Regarding the Town Crier’s article on high-density development in Los Altos Hills (“‘Substandard’ lot development rankles LAH residents,” April 8), the Mora Drive developer proposes gross violations of setbacks, providing as small as one-third of the town’s required setback space.

Forrest Linebarger, the developer, subdivided his own property and is now asking our town to grant him variances because he did not leave himself enough space to build.


Letters to the Editor

Vote out those who endorse development

Thank you for publishing the list of Los Altos City Councilmembers who rejected the urgently needed downtown development moratorium (“Council axes First Street development moratorium,” March 18).


Letters to the Editor

Teen suicide resources lacking in community

Dr. Meg Durbin’s excellent column on teen suicide touched on the fact that “(n)ot all hospitals can admit patients for psychiatric issues, which might require transfer to another facility” (“Understanding teen suicide: Causes, risks and resources,” March 18).

In fact, neither El Camino Hospital nor Stanford Hospital has an inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit.


Letters to the Editor

Silent majority, please speak up

At the Los Altos Hills Planning Commission meeting held March 19, Commissioner Jim Abraham stated that he believes many people in town do not want to continue to develop our pathway system and that some of our council members feel the same. I thought that people appreciate how the development of our pathways, for example, the Fremont Road and Arastradero paths turned out.

As the Planning Commission will continue to review the Circulation and Scenic Roadways Element of the town, now is the time to make known your feelings about our town development.

As the town council has put on the agenda for 6 p.m. Monday (March 30) meeting to discuss changing (and in my opinion, beginning to dismantle)  the pathway element of the general plan, having your input at this time is crucial to maintaining the vision of our original town founders.

The circulation element, the housing element and the pathway element are all part of the general plans for the town. They should all have the same vision for planning how our town moves into the future.  If we allow the plans to be dismantled, we will not be living in the Los Altos Hills we know today. And if the majority of my neighbors agree with the radical changes, I need to know that so I can sell before my property values are ruined.

Eileen Gibbons

Los Altos Hills

PAUSD offers high-level education

In catching up with past issues of the Town Crier after a long trip, we were surprised and sad to read John Radford’s statement as a Los Altos Hills City Councilman (“LAH Council Roundup,” Feb. 25).

Addressing the superintendent of the Palo Alto Unified School District about the upcoming parcel tax, Radford said: “We have been bled to death by your school district and received little or nothing in return.”


Letters to the Editor

Forbid cellphone tracking in area

Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith has purchased a surveillance device without adequate public debate about policies and procedures for their use (“Cellphone tracking technology comes to Los Altos Hills,” March 11).

Worse, the agreement she has executed bars her from sharing with the public any details of exactly what capabilities this device may grant to her. “Trust us,” she says.


Letters to the Editor

Parking problems date back to ’80s

Reflection on the Town Crier’s article “Citywide Parking Committee to take stock, seek solutions” (March 4) caused me to chuckle.

I worked as a pharmacist for both of the two independent pharmacies previously located downtown from 1984 to 2011. Both of my employers spent countless hours during those years attending various “parking committee meetings” to address the parking shortage, particularly evident during the noon hour.


Letter to the Editor

Keep residential parking for residents

Thank you for the Feb. 11 article drawing attention to an ongoing issue in our neighborhood (“LA council approves amended medical-parking ordinance”).

Our family lives on Loucks Avenue, behind Adobe Animal Hospital. We recently counted 15 Adobe employee cars parked on our street alone. Sadly, we know their vehicles because they have been parking in front of our home for years.


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