The intervention: Haugh About That?

By the stern look in her chocolate-colored eyes, I found myself on the defensive. It was the same look she and her three siblings gave whenever I royally messed up.


Was Going to Call Him Today: Poetry Corner

Courtesy of Charline Loehrig Barbano
Charline and Don Loehrig, pictured here in 1940, grew up in Dayton, Ohio. Don died Jan. 1.

W hen my son came over to say


We Are Americans: Poetry Corner

Once upon a time, America was strong and united


Letter to the Editor

Report low-flying aircraft noise

Los Altos residents have noted the dramatic increase in low-flying aircraft over Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Palo Alto. The Federal Aviation Administration has arbitrarily changed landing patterns for San Francisco International Airport, and it directly affects Los Altos residents.

If you love living in the flight path of an airport, congratulations, you have your wish – enjoy the pollution, noise and lower home values.


Letters to the Editor

Thanks to Satake family for ECH donation

I wanted to thank the Satake family not only for their $1 million gift to Fulfilling the Promise at El Camino Hospital, but also for sharing their personal story of depression (“Mountain View family gives $1M for mental health care facility at El Camino,” Dec. 22).

So many families in our community are impacted by their loved ones’ struggles with mental illness.


Charlie Hustler: The Villaj Idiut

I don’t understand why Pete Rose so badly wants to be in the Hall of Fame.

Oh, I get the concept of why he wants to be in the Hall of Fame. But I don’t understand the reality of it.


History of a plague: A Piece of My Mind

A quarter of a century ago, our world was threatened with a plague. We reacted as humans do – first with ignorance (that’s an African thing), then denial (it’s just a few cases, and they’re all homosexuals, so I’m safe), blaming the victims (that gay lifestyle, what do you expect? If they would just straighten out … ) and calls for social quarantine (gay men should be required to wear a badge!). Mainstream America wanted to feel safe, because AIDS was fatal. In 1990, if you contracted AIDS, there was no treatment, no cure.

At least three of my classmates died of AIDS. Homosexuality was still mostly kept secret. The obituaries tiptoed around the cause of death: “Complications of pneumonia.” “A long battle against disease.” If there were no wife at the bedside, if a “longtime companion” were mentioned, one could guess.


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