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The summer solstice: Other Voices


How does dinner al fresco sound? The potentially most sun-soaked day of the year is nearly here.

Letters to the Editor

Bring Singer bust back to its ‘rightful’ place

It is a shame that the bust of our beloved “Mr. Los Altos,” Walter Singer, has been relegated to a dusty storage warehouse.

We don’t know why it was taken away. The longer it is gone, the more people will forget his outstanding contributions to our community.

Letters to the Editor

‘Housewives’ column much ado about nothing

Goodness. What a to-do about nothing. Look how many people took time to write about that housewives column (“Housewives of LA,” May 18). Amazing.

Being one of those housewives, although I do know Two Buck Chuck and don’t have a chauffeur – unless you count the self-driving cars – I am not particularly offended. I am only offended by the fact that it was supposed to be humorous, I guess, but didn’t quite make it.

The days go by slowly, but the years went by fast: The Villaj Idiut

He is surly and prickly and abrupt – and his students love him.

He is loud and boisterous and demanding – and the parents of his students love him.

Legacy: A Piece of My Mind

A few weeks ago I attended a couple of celebrations that set me thinking.

The first was a reunion of Los Altos High School alumni and faculty members from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, a picnic where students had a chance to tell some of their teachers as well as each other how things they had learned decades ago had affected their lives. A few examples:

There is a doggy heaven: Other Voices

When my dog passed away a few years ago, I suffered much grief. We not only slept in the same bed, but we often shared meals, and he was able to come with me to work quite often, a real stroke of luck for both of us.

Primer explains driving in downtown Los Altos: Other Voices

We’ve all noticed that downtown Los Altos has become more crowded. This certainly is good news for merchants as well as property values. But it appears to me that many of our new residents have arrived from somewhere in the country with different traffic laws than we have here in Los Altos.

So, I thought a simple primer would be of use. And as an initial caveat, I’m talking only of cars here, not pedestrians, who clearly have the right-of-way.

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