Lesson learned from Cal Water scare?: Editorial

First the good news: The July 26 notice from California Water Service Co. officials about possible E. coli and total coliform contamination, was, upon reflection, a nonstarter as far as emergencies go. Subsequent tests revealed no E. coli in the water supply, and the total coliform contamination was limited to one fire hydrant. Beyond a few cases of diarrhea, we heard of no serious illnesses among the 900-plus Los Altos residents in the affected South El Monte Avenue area.

Now the bad news: Cal Water communications snafus in notifiying residents proved the bigger cause for concern. The water-main break that prompted the problem occurred July 24. Test results and notification happened nearly two days later. Many residents were notified too late about the need to boil water or not use it at all. Had the contamination been more lethal and widespread, the outcome could have been nothing short of a disaster.


Cookie monster: The Villaj Idiut

I called Chef Chu’s the other day and ordered, very precisely, the Chef Chu’s World-Famous Chinese Chicken Salad because, well, I wasn’t sure that they would know what to do over there if I had ordered the Locally Known Plain Chicken Salad.


My solar clothes dryer: A Piece of My Mind

My cousin periodically sends me Internet nostalgia with comments along the lines of “Are you old enough to remember this?” One of her recent items struck me as newly useful in our energy-conservation-conscious times:

The Basic Rules for Clotheslines: (If you don’t even know what clotheslines are, a quick look on Google or Wikipedia will clarify.)


Adieu: Other Voices

A wonderful thing happened during my second term on the Los Altos Hills City Council: Our two sons have, with their wives, provided my wife and I with the gift of four – soon to be five – grandchildren. We could not be more pleased and have made the decision to create a family ranch where the grandkids can play and have access to a high-quality school district.

We recently stumbled upon a flat 5-acre property for sale, on the water, in Carmel – near Point Lobos State Natural Reserve – and decided that this is where we want to establish the Larsen Family Ranch.


Coyote column raises false emotional flag: Other Voices

Could Jim Schmidt’s antipathy toward Project Coyote (“The truth about coyotes,” July 29) be born out of its efforts that have exposed the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services predator control program?

In its crusade to kill bobcats, mountain lions, gray fox, gray wolves and their primary target, the coyote, the Wildlife Services program costs American taxpayers more than $100 million annually despite the fact that it has been proven ineffective.


Letter to the Editor

Resident bids farewell to faithful companion

I’m writing on behalf of my family to thank the Town Crier for publishing in the July 29 edition a photo of my dog Rocky taken at his farewell party July 24 at Lincoln Park.

Our thanks also go to the wonderful photographer, Megan V. Winslow, who graciously took many lovely pictures at the event.


Letters to the Editor

Let Enchanté hotel open its patio to all

In response to recent letters regarding Enchanté Boutique Hotel: Enchanté, the work of art Abigail Ahrens has created at 1 Main St., should certainly be able to serve wine to visitors.

I do not know the bureaucratic details of which minor document was omitted in her approvals. I only know that this would be the only hotel in the U.S. without the ability to entertain a guest.


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