Editorial: A dedicated senior center makes sense

There are many sound arguments in favor of dedicated space for a senior center as part of the proposed Hillview Community Center and Park renovation. There are few sound arguments against – that we’ve heard, anyway. Therefore, the city should collectively get behind its Senior Commission and support a dedicated space.

As it stands, the city proposes constructing a 55,000-square-foot “multigenerational” facility, with the idea that the details for its use would be figured out after (and if) the $65 million bond measure needed for the overhaul passes on the Nov. 3 ballot.


Perfectly imperfect: Haugh About That?

In 2004, pausing in the shade of an old oak tree while taking my daily walk, I peered through the chain-link fence of Los Altos Golf & Country Club to witness what I considered perfection: a relationship that stood the test of time.

“How precious,” I thought, viewing two aging souls enjoying a round of golf together. Once upon a childhood dream, this was supposed to be my future – growing old with the man I married, appreciating life as a couple after the kids were gone. But God had other plans that year.


A penny for your thoughts

Every year before school begins, we take our boys to Pajaro Dunes for the day, one last hurrah before the craziness begins.

Picture the scene: kicked back on a beach blanket with the sun shining high and a cool breeze dusting your face. The sound of beach music eases your tension as the waves crash on the shore and a tongue of water trickles teasingly up toward your nimble toes. You can sense the gentle hum of an outboard engine from a boat easing across the horizon, while seagulls call to each other as they dance in the skies above. Your children laugh with one another as they throw a football and dive into the soft sand with carefree abandon.


Letters to the Editor

Pinewood School causes traffic jams

As Fremont Avenue residents, we have the misfortune of living on a street that is being transformed into the private parking lot of Pinewood School.

While, yes, the school was there when we purchased our home in 2012, we were not prepared for the seemingly limitless appetite for land the owners of the school have exhibited, nor were we expecting the city of Los Altos to bow in complete submission to their blatant mockery of the impact their school’s traffic has on the entire neighborhood.


A different story

In 1997, I sold my business and vowed to stay active in retirement. I was 69 then and fortunately had lots of interests, but I especially liked making things out of wood and fixing things. The latter led me to become a “Gentleman Handyman,” and I soon developed a bit of a following around town. That ultimately led me to volunteer to do repairs for seniors through the Los Altos Senior Center, and I became one of the more prominent “fixers” among that group of like-minded folks, performing all kinds of small repairs for free.


Letters to the Editor

Civic center project needs new EIR

We would like to add two points to the Hillview Community Center articles by Alicia Castro (Aug. 19 and 26).

1. Measure A calls for building three pools in a multipool swim complex for a community that does not prioritize even one pool.


Car spotting 2015: A Piece of My Mind

When I was a kid, September was exciting, almost like Christmas, because that was when the Big Three automakers would reveal the new models for the upcoming year.


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