A genocide forgotten – and repeated: Editor's Notebook

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The prophetic 1905 quote from philosopher and author George Santayana has been revisited after every human tragedy that has occurred since.

The problem is, we have short memories. Slaughters of innocent people continue to occur.


Letters to the Editor

Review and amend water conservation program

As a cyclist who participated in the recent Lawn Be Gone Bike Tour, let me offer an alternative perspective.

In 2013, when it became apparent that we were heading for a drought, I decided to replace the small lawn in my backyard with synthetic grass and shut off my sprinkler system.


Editorial: Let's assume not to presume

Two recent downtown Los Altos stories offer lessons in the drawbacks of jumping to conclusions.

A few months back, the Town Crier published an article on Ladera Autoworks on First Street closing its doors. That part was true, but the reason was not. We quoted the business owner, who incorrectly alleged that his building had been sold to a new owner and that he was being forced out.


Ending the debate: No Shoes, Please

In a general sense, everything is up for debate with me: What do I cook for dinner? Did I do the right thing? What color paint for the bedroom? Do I really want to go? Has the team improved? What difference does it make? Should I give him a call? Is it worth that much money? What is the truth?


The elephant on the pathway: Other Voices

Pathways in Los Altos Hills are great. I love hiking on them, and I love seeing horses on them. They allow me to exercise and get around, and the mysterious ones that teleport me from neighborhood to neighborhood by walking between homeowners’ backyards seem magical. So what’s the controversy?

We moved to Los Altos Hills 16 years ago, the last time the Pathways system was a big issue. At the time, I hadn’t had the fun of hiking the pathways that I’ve since had. In that time, though, I’ve encountered another side of the experience that was eye-opening, which was when we remodeled to add a family room and a garage. During that project, the only objectionable step was when members of the Pathways Committee hiked through our backyard to determine whether we’d have to provide an easement for a proposed future pathway, provide the easement and construct the pathway, or pay an $8,000 in-lieu fee for doing neither. It felt a little like extortion – all we wanted was a garage and a family room.


Letters to the Editor

Homeowner flouts water restrictions

I was out for an afternoon walk last week and saw a home’s lawn sprinklers going full blast. The homeowners probably heard about the 25 percent cut in consumption, but assumed they were part of the 75 percent not required to reduce.

That reminded me, though, that as of April 1, California snowpack was 5 percent of normal. Wouldn’t that mean the entire state should be cutting back by 95 percent?


Sign of the times: The Villaj Idiut

This in an honest-to-goodness true story: I was walking across a bank parking lot recently, and cutting across the same parking lot was a couple pushing their belongings in a grocery cart.

And just as I was thinking to myself, “That’s got to be tough, living out of a grocery cart,” the woman turns to the man she is with, looks at the guy spinning a sign on the street corner, and says, “What a loser.”


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