Don't blame the victim: Other Voices

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. In fact, in this country, everyone is entitled to express his or her opinions without getting murdered as a consequence. In her recent “Other Voices” column (“Inalienable right? How about respect for others?,” March 4), author Joy Valentine expressed her opinions. And here are mine in response.

In my opinion, the opinions expressed in Valentine’s column are especially pernicious, because they are falsehoods surrounding a kernel of truth. Yes, the publishing of images of Muhammad is probably unnecessarily aggressive and offensive. But such expression is a right of our society, and it is a right worth defending, even if in this particular case it was somewhat misused. The arbiter of that boundary and whether it has been crossed is not a band of extremist, fundamendalist Muslims. Those offended by this publication have other means of redress, including, but not limited to, court action and retaliatory publication.


Letters to the Editor

Forbid cellphone tracking in area

Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith has purchased a surveillance device without adequate public debate about policies and procedures for their use (“Cellphone tracking technology comes to Los Altos Hills,” March 11).

Worse, the agreement she has executed bars her from sharing with the public any details of exactly what capabilities this device may grant to her. “Trust us,” she says.


Letters to the Editor

Parking problems date back to ’80s

Reflection on the Town Crier’s article “Citywide Parking Committee to take stock, seek solutions” (March 4) caused me to chuckle.

I worked as a pharmacist for both of the two independent pharmacies previously located downtown from 1984 to 2011. Both of my employers spent countless hours during those years attending various “parking committee meetings” to address the parking shortage, particularly evident during the noon hour.


Get used to high and dry: Editorial

Here we are, sitting in the shade of an umbrella table in the heart of sunny downtown Los Altos. It’s short-sleeve weather, 72 degrees, in fact, and we’re not out of winter.

Meanwhile, our friends in New England are being continuously clobbered with snow, with no end in sight. Full-grown men, shoveling snow off the rooftops of their houses, can barely be seen amid the giant mounds of white stuff.


Dangerous streets: A Piece of My Mind

I’m driving along El Monte Avenue between Foothill Expressway and Springer Road at approximately 6 p.m. on a midwinter evening. In keeping with the “village feeling” of our town, there are no sidewalks and no streetlights.


Is MV headed for high-tech exclusivity?: Editor's Notebook

Recent headlines have been awash with news of the future campus Google Inc. plans to build featuring “canopies.” Also in the news is Facebook Inc.’s recent announcement that it, too, wants to expand at its current Menlo Park headquarters. Meanwhile, LinkedIn Corp. looks to be making a major expansion with a possible campus in Phase 2 of The Village at San Antonio Center development in Mountain View, and possibly in an office building on El Camino Real in Los Altos, soon to be vacated by the also highly successful Box Inc.

Everywhere you look, growth abounds. Construction sites are everywhere along El Camino in Mountain View. And if recently submitted plans for Mountain View’s North Bayshore area are any indication, much more construction – millions of square feet in office space, for starters – is on the way.


We need a town hall meeting on Measure N: Other Voices

Last November the Los Altos School District community – comprising residents of Los Altos and parts of Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, Palo Alto and unincorporated areas – passed the $150 million Measure N bond to address enrollment growth in grades K-8.


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