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Letters to the Editor

Resident feels kinship with millennials

A big thank you to Dave Casas for his column “Downtown 4.0: Rise of the millennials” (Aug. 31). He hit the nail right on the head.

I have lived in Los Altos since 1962 and moved from the big house to a condo downtown to enjoy my retirement here.

Megan's Musings: Happy Mother's Day

Today is my birthday. No, really. It is.

Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

Fighting words: No Shoes, Please

I live near Mountain View’s El Camino Hospital and often walk through a pocket of the neighborhood that visitors and employees occasionally use for convenient parking. When this occurs, the loitering car receives a (polite) handwritten note attached to its windshield reminding the driver that the cul-de-sac parking is for resident use only.

Recently, I noticed on the ground one of those signs on which the driver had written in response, “GO TO HELL. WE’RE CANCER PATIENTS.” Normally, I might have been amused, but nowadays I’m just not in the mood.

Downtown 4.0: Rise of the millennials: Other Voices

Nope, there’s not a new horror movie, documentary or sequel coming to your local movie theater. But an interesting issue has become increasingly important as Los Altos tries to chart a vision for its downtown and the community as a whole.

LASD, BCS join forces for parcel-tax renewal: Other Voices

The Los Altos School District is a great place to live for many reasons. Top among them, especially for families with young children, is our incredible public schools. We are deeply appreciative that our community continues to put public education at the forefront of its priorities.

Letters to the Editor

Internet compromise proves a ‘stupid’ move

The decision last week by the Los Altos Hills City Council to give big money to Comcast to expand obsolescent internet services is arguably the stupidest move they have made in over a decade (“LAH council, residents reach cost-sharing internet agreement,” Aug. 24).

I have since checked to see if Sonic.net is offering internet in the residential area that was deprived of internet by an earlier stupid decision of the staff and council and find that it is not yet available. However, I bet that it will be before cable service will appear there and will be much less expensive. In any case, we should be aiming at prompt conversion to fiber-optical services and getting rid of cable.

Letters to the Editor

Remove coyotes from Los Altos

Coyotes are dangerous apex predators that are killing many cats (at least 10 in the past year) and will move on to attacking dogs and people.

Nationally, a number of people have been attacked recently, including four by rabid coyotes. There are serious problems in Los Angeles and San Francisco, with numerous cat, dog and human attacks.

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