Letters to the Editor: Measure A

Measure A proponents: Address questions

I think a new community center would be great! The project, however, needs to be clearly defined and questions answered. Recent articles do nothing to clear the fog.

Waiting for a “perfect plan” isn’t necessary, and statements by the Town Crier that opponents are waiting for that are disingenuous (“It’s about time: Yes on Measure A,” Oct. 21).


It's about time: Yes on Measure A: Editorial

Personality conflicts and misinformation – on both sides – have obscured what we think should be the true focus of Measure A. The $65 million bond measure on the Nov. 3 ballot is a viable opportunity for us to rebuild the crumbling Hillview Community Center. It’s a chance to invest in something we all have a stake in, that we all can be proud of. A vote for Measure A is a vote for better quality of life. We say “yes” on A – it’s about time. 

Unlike the school bonds, this is a chance to invest in something for everyone, throughout their lifetimes. It’s a place for learning how to swim in a safe environment, exercising, mastering new skills and socializing. This isn’t just for now, but for Los Altos 50-plus years into the future.


Letters to the Editor

Measure A provides ‘little value’ to city

What impact will the proposed new community center have on the quality of life in our town?

The capacity of the community center building can be calculated using a few simple assumptions – a 55,600-square-foot building equals 44 event rooms, which is sized to accommodate more than 4,200 people a day for a variety of activities.


Measure A enhances livability of Los Altos

A recent article in AARP magazine written by Jeannine English caught our attention. It made us think about the Nov. 3 election with Measure A on the ballot and what responsibility we all have to our community. It talked about how as citizens we have rights and responsibilities to each other. Paying our taxes is just one part of citizenship.

What is our personal commitment to our neighbors – young and old? Even if we are the “bah humbug” types and stay away from any community activities, we all have a responsibility to provide livable services for those who want to use them. Community activities help make property values high and are another reason people want to live in Los Altos.


Rebuild Hillview to benefit all ages: Other Voices

I realize that the Measure A bond issue is an emotional challenge to most seniors in our community.

After attending the recent presentation at the Grant Park Senior Center, even though I was expecting negative comments, I left thinking that the best way to get a new community center built is to focus on the vote of everyone under the age of 70.


Measure A: Too big, too expensive: Other Voices

I keep looking at Measure A and hoping that I’ll find a way to support it. On the surface, it seems obvious – Hillview Community Center is a dated facility in desperate need of repairs. Still, I can’t get past all of the things that aren’t being said.

Measure A would build a community center that is many times larger than any comparable city in our area. Looking at Saratoga, Los Gatos, Mountain View and Menlo Park, each of those cities has approximately 0.3 to 0.6 square feet of community center space per resident. We’d be building approximately 1.8 square feet per resident. That seems like a lot of extra space. Los Altos is unique, but are we really three to six times different from our neighbors?


Measure A: What is your vision for Los Altos?

Courtesy of the Chapman family
Robin Chapman’s father, Ashley, poses on his Los Altos lot circa 1948.

Family lore has it that on a winter day in 1948, my father, Ashley Chapman, drove my mother from Palo Alto to Los Altos to show her the lot near Covington Road where he planned to build their home. My mother looked around with concern. “Oh, dear,” she said. “I’m not sure we want to live this far out in the country.”


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