Lost languages: No Shoes, Please

You would think that being raised by parents who spoke very little English would result in an ability to communicate fluidly in two tongues. However, lots of West Coast “Sansei” (third-generation Japanese-Americans) are like me: surrounded by the Japanese language in our upbringing but hardly able to speak a word.

A credible observation has been made that “Issei” and “Nisei” (first- and second-generation Japanese-Americans) – traumatized by unjust incarceration during World War II – became hypervigilant about ensuring that they were perceived as “true” Americans once they were eventually allowed to re-establish their lives and livelihoods outside a barbed-wire camp environment. This in part accounts for the loss of the Japanese language among Sansei.


Letters to the Editor

Los Gatos proves model for downtown Los Altos

My husband and I recently decided to go to a movie playing in Los Gatos. We arrived early enough that we had a little time to walk around. We bought a sandwich and took it to the small park at the corner of Main Street and Santa Cruz Avenue.

After our lunch, we walked over to the newly renovated Los Gatos Theatre. The classy renovation has created a beautiful environment in which to enjoy a movie. After the movie, we strolled over to one of the many nearby restaurants to have a drink and an early dinner. Shoppers filled the streets; the restaurants were crowded with diners.


Letters to the Editor

Relocating Singer bust to museum a bad move

I am upset that the Los Altos City Council voted to move the bust of Walter Singer from its place of prominence in the Community Plaza to an out-of-the-way spot at the Los Altos History Museum.

The only art connected to our history as a community is the Singer bust. The traditional function of public art has been to educate the public about the history and heroes of our past. Let us not forget Walter Singer.


Thoughts on the 'Mr. Los Altos' bust: Publisher's Perspective

Here are my two cents worth of ideas regarding the future location of the Walter Singer bust.


A look ahead to the Nov. 4 election: Editorial

Election season is upon us. In Los Altos, we have three major local races ahead – two seats on the Los Altos City Council, and three seats each on the Los Altos School District and Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District boards of trustees.

The responsibility for good or ineffective leadership ultimately lies with those of us who vote. So mark this date on your calendar: Nov. 4. Do your homework and make informed choices.


School lunch: Opportunity to improve health, academics: Other Voices

The Town Crier’s article “Evolving with regulations, Los Altos’ school lunch programs retain local ties” (Aug. 13) presents a bleak view of the Los Altos School District’s efforts to meet school lunch guidelines.

The parents interviewed perpetuate the false dichotomy that healthful food must necessarily taste bad. A more positive perspective is that food can be both nutritious and delicious, and that habits learned early in life can help children grow into healthy adults without sacrificing their taste buds.


Prepared for the future: Haugh About That?

With my stubby snout smashed up against my plate, I happily licked off the remains of chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. Rooting to polish off the last remnants of my sixth birthday party, life was good until my mother walked in. My pigpen dream was disturbed and my joyfully gluttonous moment destroyed.


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