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Unpresidential politics: No Shoes, Please

“Don’t feed the trolls” was advice offered by a political commentator in 2011 during the Donald Trump-manufactured hysteria over President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. What he meant was: Don’t encourage fringe elements to express nonsensical viewpoints, don’t fan the flames of discord among people driven by irrational fears, and don’t bestow the mantle of leadership onto someone simply because he’s the one holding the biggest pitchfork in a crowd of angry townsfolk.

Well, obviously, nobody in the Republican Party was listening back then, because Trump is on his way to becoming their presidential nominee, bolstered by droves of supporters who love his swagger, his condescension, his insufferable ignorance and his incendiary rhetoric. It’s incredible to watch Trump feed his audience the kind of dog food that was sold 50 years ago, and then see them gobble it up like it’s steak. Remember Gaines-Burgers? Resembled a hamburger patty but was actually a toxic plastic?

Making parks a priority in Los Altos: Other Voices


In the early 1950s, after my father had been mayor, Los Altos City Manager John Hope asked me to take on a project in coordination with Stanford University, where I was studying political science. The arrangement was that the city manager and his assistant, George Sanregret (later the longtime city manager), along with building inspector Joe Salameda (later the city’s first historian), would supervise me in an independent study program to help the city determine where to obtain property for parks. In return, I would get a grade for my studies toward work in city government.

Citywide Parking Committee member defends work: Other Voices

It is sad that the work of the Citywide Parking Committee has been suspended. This committee is all about open government. We have been revealing the facts that have led to parking problems, while indicating factors that shroud the truth from being clearly seen.

Several subcommittees were formed to concentrate on specific areas. Although there is some overlap in members, this merely shows the commitment of some members to do more work than others. They should be thanked rather than chastised for this service to the community.

Letters to the Editor

Respect speed limit – lives are at stake

Please, please, please, please drive the speed limit in our wonderful Los Altos neighborhoods.

Please. Our speed limits are 25 mph on residential streets so that we can be safe while out walking our dogs, running, walking or just out and about.

Letters to the Editor

Orchard preservation worth celebrating

Everyone in Los Altos should celebrate the recent Los Altos City Council decision to preserve the Heritage Orchard and Hillview Community Center and Park for all in our city. This vote ended discussions with the Los Altos School District to put a school on this valuable, historical property.

Los Altos has the smallest acreage per capita dedicated to parks, open space and recreation of any city in the Bay Area. Leasing or selling the small amount we have to a school district with four times that acreage would not have been good stewardship.

Inside the lines: Haugh About That?

Curled around my down-feathered pillow as chicken pox created a polka-dot motif all over my body, my father stood at the end of my bed with the best pill for relief.

“Honey, I have a gift for you,” he smiled. “I know how much you love to color.” Then, handing me a Shirley Temple coloring book, along with a fresh box of Crayola crayons, I instantly forgot the feeling that a thousand mosquitoes had just attacked my body.

Deep in the rye: The Villaj Idiut

We had a death in our family recently.

My son became a teenager.

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