Letters to the Editor

Residents need education on water use

As a Los Altos resident, I’m writing to encourage your paper to publish more articles about the drought.

I feel that journalism should also be a way to educate your readers, and this is an opportunity.


Public art and developer money: Editorial

Los Altos City Councilmembers last week discussed an interesting idea – applying developer fees to fund more public artwork.

Under the proposal, those looking to build in downtown Los Altos and elsewhere could either contribute a piece of art to complement their project or pay an in-lieu fee to the city so that its Public Arts Commission could recommend a piece for purchase instead. The in-lieu fee discussed is 1 percent of the total project. A $7 million project, say, would yield $70,000 for public art.


Letters to the Editor

Article on Betty Noyce brings back memories

I was very glad to read the article about Betty Noyce in the Town Traveler section (“The Maine course: Uncovering a Los Altos connection,” Jan 21).

Many years ago Betty and I served together on the Los Altos Library Commission. I always liked and respected her. She was not only very intelligent and compassionate, but also a very down-to-earth person.


Another dry year ahead – and flood protection?: Editor's Notebook

I stared into a clear, blue sky, the sun applying just the right amount of heat. It was short-sleeve weather, maybe a smidge above 70 degrees. And it was January.

I reminded myself how lucky we are to be in one of the best parts of the world for mild winter weather. Contrasting this to the heavy blizzards pummeling the East Coast, it seemed as if Mother Nature purposely had it out for those cranky New Englanders (I was once one of them) while the Bay Area could do no wrong.


Good compromise on PE exemptions: Editorial

While “Deflategate” captures the national sports headlines, the local issue of physical education class exemptions for freshmen seems a much worthier sports topic for discussion.

The Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District Board of Trustees broached the subject two weeks ago amid persistent pressure from parents who objected to some freshmen student-athletes being denied exemptions from taking PE classes.


Aliens among us: A Piece of My Mind

A friend invited me to go whale watching outside Monterey Bay during the migration of the gray whales on the “Whale Highway” that stretches along the California coast from Alaska to Cabo San Lucas.

Shortly after leaving the shelter of the Bay, we spotted plumes of vapor not far off – at least a dozen whales, a megapod, were swimming together, blowing off vapor and diving in rough synchronization. As we approached, we could see the backs of the whales, scarred by barnacles but glistening silver-gray in the sun.


Senior Middle Age and the new 'Silent Generation': Other Voices

Those becoming octogenarians this year will move into the Senior Middle Age category.

The year 1935 was bland and vanilla, not necessarily the best time to enter the world. We were few in number, as the Great Depression continued.


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