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Peek into the Past


Lifelong Los Altos resident Lucille Bleibler Liewer (1906-2005) receives the Los Altos Board of Realtors’ Community Service Award at a 1983 event.

Bulk insanity: The Villaj Idiut

I went to Costco the other day, and I turned on my MapMyRun app to see how far I had gone.

This was a pretty modest trip, really. Some meat, milk, wine, water, vegetables, cereal. I couldn’t find one thing on this trip and had to backtrack once.

Editorial Illustration

Rhonda Mak/Town Crier
"Can you pull over on El Monte? I’m playing Pokémon Go and there’s a Pikachu nearby.”

Outside-the-box solutions for LASD enrollment growth: Other Voices

How do we wisely spend the Los Altos School District’s $150 million bond to best address enrollment growth in our public schools?

I currently sit on the Measure N Citizens Oversight Committee. I have observed the 20-plus-months-long process the district has embarked on with no real progress to date. November of this year will mark the two-year anniversary of the passage of the bond. In my view, we still do not have a well-thought-out plan.

A good time to try off-leash dog areas?: Editorial

Some of us in Los Altos often say we don’t want to be like Mountain View. Like that’s a bad thing. No, we don’t want our neighboring city’s traffic and high-density housing. But Mountain View does some wonderful things that Los Altos can’t possibly do with its limited resources, like the Mountain View council’s recent approval of a 67-unit affordable housing complex with 30 units set aside for veterans. The city contributed $7 million to the project.

Mountain View also has successfully executed a program that doesn’t require a big budget and that Los Altos should emulate: establishment of off-leash dog areas in city parks.

Letters to the Editor

Dog-park proposal gives resident pause

Regarding the Town Crier’s July 27 editorial (“A good time to try off-leash dog areas?):

I own a dog. I walk my dog every day on a leash. Every day I see dogs running at Grant Park unleashed. I have seen dog owners whose homes back up to the park (not all people) open their gates and let their dogs roam unattended, apparently feeling this is an open bathroom for their dogs. I see that the editor wants to have dog parks. Well, can we please consider a few things?

TSA Precheck: A Piece of My Mind

My husband and I applied for TSA Precheck privileges two weeks ago. We had to do it in person at an H&R Block office in Santa Clara, with fingerprinting, passports and $85 each. My “Known Traveler” ID number showed up the next day on the TSA website, so my husband entered it for all the flights I am taking this summer, including ours to Washington, D.C., in the next two weeks. I’ll have TSA Precheck at all airport check-ins.

My husband’s “KT” number, however, was still “processing.” He called TSA and was told that this is typical, implying that most terrorists are men and thus they take longer to check out. The agent did say that there were no red flags on my husband’s profile.

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