We need a town hall meeting on Measure N: Other Voices

Last November the Los Altos School District community – comprising residents of Los Altos and parts of Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, Palo Alto and unincorporated areas – passed the $150 million Measure N bond to address enrollment growth in grades K-8.


Inalienable right? How about respect for others?

The January mayhem in Paris is tragic, as are all the other slaughters perpetrated from time immemorial.

We need to understand that when we attack another, whether it is with words or pictures or guns, there are consequences that often reverberate around the world. This particular tragedy in Paris is one more demonstration of that fact. However, it is not only about free speech, but also obligations and responsibility.


What makes a village?: From the Mayor's Desk

I heard recently from Town Crier Editor-in-Chief Bruce Barton that Ladera Auto Works, formerly Village Motors, is going to close. Both were small businesses operating at that site for decades. I was stunned: How could Village Motors leave our village? It might lead us all to ask the question: What actually makes a village?

In my mind, a village is a place that fosters familiarity. A village is full of small businesses, where the business owners know their customers and the clients know their merchants. We get to know each other and, through this familiarity, we choose to support our local business owners.


Letter to the Editor

Keep residential parking for residents

Thank you for the Feb. 11 article drawing attention to an ongoing issue in our neighborhood (“LA council approves amended medical-parking ordinance”).

Our family lives on Loucks Avenue, behind Adobe Animal Hospital. We recently counted 15 Adobe employee cars parked on our street alone. Sadly, we know their vehicles because they have been parking in front of our home for years.


Letters to the Editor

Priority should be finding site for BCS

The Town Crier’s Feb. 11 article “Parents upset with enrollment-growth options” was informative but failed to communicate why parents are displeased. I attended the meeting on which you reported to express my concern about the process the Facilities Master Plan Committee (FMPC) has followed and where that process has led them.

The FMPC narrowed its focus to seven options through a process of brainstorming followed by majority vote. The first option involves acquiring a site on which to build a school for Bullis Charter School. The remaining six options all involve closing, moving and/or breaking up one or more neighborhood schools. The FMPC appears to have assumed that Bullis Charter School would be located on a single site not shared with others, and options that might involve cooperation with local cities do not appear to have been considered.


Freedom's just another word: No Shoes, Please

It used to be that the word “freedom” held exclusively positive connotations for me, but now it’s really become a mixed bag. It all started in 2001 when President George W. Bush asked the question he felt was on the minds of most Americans regarding the 9/11 attacks: Why do they hate us? Bush’s answer was, in part, “They hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with one another.”

It was such a simplistic answer – having nothing to do with history, culture or geopolitical tensions – and reminded me of a teenager explaining a slight from a classmate with the conclusion, “She’s just jealous.”


10,000 ways: Haugh About That?

With hackles standing erect along its spine, ears pointed at attention and legs aggressively stiff, I stared at the mighty beast ready to charge. By the look in its inflamed eyes, I’d have to be a moron not to know I was in big doo-doo.


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