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Fighting words: No Shoes, Please

I live near Mountain View’s El Camino Hospital and often walk through a pocket of the neighborhood that visitors and employees occasionally use for convenient parking. When this occurs, the loitering car receives a (polite) handwritten note attached to its windshield reminding the driver that the cul-de-sac parking is for resident use only.

Recently, I noticed on the ground one of those signs on which the driver had written in response, “GO TO HELL. WE’RE CANCER PATIENTS.” Normally, I might have been amused, but nowadays I’m just not in the mood.

LASD, BCS join forces for parcel-tax renewal: Other Voices

The Los Altos School District is a great place to live for many reasons. Top among them, especially for families with young children, is our incredible public schools. We are deeply appreciative that our community continues to put public education at the forefront of its priorities.

Taking a field trip: Haugh About That?

With my Barbie lunch box filled with extra treats and my play clothes freshly pressed, I headed to school, ready for a day of excitement. It wasn’t often that St. Charles Grammar School allowed its students’ free dress. It was even rarer to go on a field trip.

Letters to the Editor

Remove coyotes from Los Altos

Coyotes are dangerous apex predators that are killing many cats (at least 10 in the past year) and will move on to attacking dogs and people.

Nationally, a number of people have been attacked recently, including four by rabid coyotes. There are serious problems in Los Angeles and San Francisco, with numerous cat, dog and human attacks.

Editorial Illustration

Illustration by Rhonda Mak. Mak is a Town Crier editorial intern.



Read the fine print: Vote responsibly: Editorial

The filing date for candidacy is over. This is where you come in. Voters must start their homework early in what promises to be one of the busiest and most controversial general elections in recent memory.

With a Nov. 8 ballot chock-full of national, regional and local races, we can easily get distracted by the noisiest national voices and ignore those closer to home, those whose outcomes may impact us the most.

Letters to the Editor

Sophomores don’t need to take AP classes

Why are high school students in local schools so stressed? Maybe because they and their families believe advice like that in the Town Crier’s “Road to College” column that sophomore year is the time to take an AP class (“Start the school year with college readiness in mind,” Aug. 3).

These classes are intended for juniors and seniors. Anxious parents pressure schools into admitting their younger children into AP classes, and kids figure they must meet the “challenge” or they will not be able to compete for college admission.

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