Letters to the Editor

Dance studio owner clarifies the record

While I very much appreciate the wonderful recognition and photos in the Town Crier’s Family Spotlight magazine (Feb. 26), I would like to clear up a couple of mistakes.

First, my son is not, nor has he ever been, named Jackson, as the article states. He is simply Jake, the 9-year-old love of my life.


The Sochi Olympics: No Shoes, Please

Like many, I’ve been watching the Olympics since I was a child. In any era, the Games are entertaining, inspirational, unifying and educational. They can also be divisive, political and corrupt. However, one hopes that at the end of the day, an athlete’s ability to compete at the highest level – safely and fairly – is given the top spot on any list of priorities.

The Sochi Olympics don’t give me that “it’s all about the athletes” vibe. In fact, they’ve been nicknamed “Putin’s Olympics” ostensibly for Vladimir Putin’s instrumental role in securing the 2014 Winter Games for Russia.


Letters to the Editor

Don’t point fingers at LAH residents

I am responding to the Town Crier’s front-page article “Despite drought, LAH still swimming with pools” (Feb. 12).

I am not quite sure what to make of this article. Am I supposed to be upset that those selfish Los Altos Hills residents don’t realize that there is a drought and still have the audacity to want to fill their pools with water (which they, of course, will have to pay for)?


Creating 'mysteries' not productive: Other Voices

Two “Other Voices” columns by Kim Cranston recently published in the Town Crier claim supposed “mysteries” that involve city land sold to the Jeffrey A. Morris Group, now under construction at First and Main streets (“Los Altos mysteries explored,” Jan. 29 and Feb. 12).

The first “mystery” involved the differing numbers for the potential parking spaces on that land. The simple answer is that the count of 54 parking spaces was taken before demolition of the buildings at that site in 2010, and the 96 parking spaces were calculated afterward, when most of the new temporary parking was on dirt.


Letters to the Editor

Quarry serves fundamental purpose

So now the anti-quarryists are making a fuss about blasting (“LAH council urges county probe into quarry blasts,” Jan. 29).

How else does one get rock out of a solid formation? Where else should the South Bay get its cement? This writer hopes that the quarry and its neighbors will coexist for many more years. Here’s why.


Boxes of adolescent ardor

It was a serendipitous moment, one I shared with some passersby outside of Peet’s Coffee & Tea on State Street as I waited for my California mother to join me in a calming cup of coffee and chat.

I had seen the two tween-aged boys (minus their masks) horsing around in front of Skate Works and guessed that something was afoot. When next I glanced their way, there were two boxes perched on a bench, two sets of feet protruding out from under.


The critic: Haugh About That?

With a look of absolute horror in her rich, mahogany-colored eyes, my 13-year-old daughter Lauren stared at me, mouth wide open.

“You’re not going looking like that, are you?”


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