Before and after with 'horrific' results

PG&E is cutting down 50-year-old redwood trees in Los Altos because officials have decided that it will save them money. This is being done over the objections of the property owners and is significantly impacting their property values.

PG&E recently cut down three 40- to 50-year-old redwoods among other trees at 401 Los Altos Ave. The impact to the property is horrific. What was once a beautiful home in Los Altos – recently purchased by its new owner for $2.5 million, with mature redwoods in the front yard – now looks like any tract home in Los Angeles selling for a lot less. See the “after” photo above.


Letters to the Editor

Longtime businesses forced out of downtown

I just stopped by to pick up my car from Alan and Amanda Pickett at California Automotive Service on First Street in Los Altos. They told me that they have lost their lease (See related story on page 4).

Here we go again – another business being forced out of downtown, a convenient and honest business that my family has used for years. They are family to us.


Living with oneself: Haugh About That?

Clenching my fingers around the opposite wrist, ceasing the flow of blood to my fingertips, I stood stiff, muscles tense, and rolled my eyes in insolent teenage fashion. This was one showdown I was determined to win.

“No, Mom,” I declared. “I don’t want Paula at my slumber party.”


Letters to the Editor

District engineer adds to Neary Tank stats

Thank you for highlighting the Neary Tank Utilization Project (“LAH water, fire districts working to make pipes, tanks more quake-proof,” March 5).

As mentioned in the article, the project will greatly enhance the seismic reliability of the water system in Los Altos Hills. The project would not have been possible without the generous contributions of the Los Altos Hills County Fire District.


Isabella: The Rockey Road

This has been a tough week for my family. Our sweet dog, Isabella, is dying, and any day now we will be saying goodbye to her forever. She is still mentally alert and seemingly happy, but her agility has long passed and it seems to be tugging at her to follow in its path to nonexistence.

Coming to terms with the impending death of our dog has been forced upon us and, though cruel, it is a reality we must face. Death is part of life and, in Isa’s case, life is part of death. She is a Bernese mountain dog weighing in at 105 pounds. Tall and lean with very long legs, she is a supermodel in the Berner world. Stretched from back paw to front paw, she is nearly as tall as I am and probably as strong. Yet, she never pulled me on our walks, unless you count the time she darted toward her doggy friend next door, dragging me across their lawn with the greatest of ease. This beautiful body of a dog can no longer be supported by those long muscular legs, but her mind, so far, seems unscathed. Isa has, most likely, a spinal tumor and her body seems to have died while her will persists.


Searching for a wrong solution: Other Voices

I write this to express my grave concern over California Constitutional Amendment SCA5, which encourages the use of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin as an admission criterion in California’s public education system. The bill recently passed the state Senate and is pending in the Assembly. If passed there, it may be placed on the November ballot.

The bill aims to repeal portions of Proposition 209 that Californians voted into the state Constitution in 1996. The author, Sen. Ed Hernandez (D-24th District), claims that Proposition 209 prohibits the University of California and California State University systems from diversifying student bodies and providing sufficient opportunities to racial groups in need.


Wisdom has gone to the dogs: Other Voices

I recently attended the Wisdom 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, described as “4 Days, 2,000 People, 1 Question: How Can We Live with Wisdom, Awareness and Compassion in the Digital Age?”


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