Letters to the Editor

Coyote preservation called into question

A recent article in the Town Crier alluded to increased coyote activity in the Los Altos Hills area (“Drought may cause increased coyote activity,” July 2). It also cites an increase in the number of domestic pets likely killed by coyotes. Then it describes how the town of Los Altos Hills has installed “Coyote Advisory – No Dogs Allowed” signs in Byrne Preserve to allow the coyotes to nurture their cubs in peace.

It would seem that the town is trying to assist the successful propagation of more coyotes at Byrne Preserve, which in effect will result in the death of more house pets on adjacent properties. This sounds similar to the “do-gooders” who successfully reintroduced wolves into Yellowstone Park and then showed surprise when the elk and cattle herds nearby were decimated.


Pools should be included: Editorial

Los Altos residents should be receiving calls this week from city representatives conducting a survey to determine priorities for a revamped Hillview Community Center.

Notice that we did not say “civic center” – chastened by a lack of public support, the city abandoned its original plans for overhauling the entire 18-acre site. Still, the “change area” under discussion does include the soccer and baseball fields, the youth center and the police station, in addition to the community center buildings.


A good start – now follow through: Editorial

The recent announcement of a five-year agreement between the Los Altos School District and Bullis Charter School is welcome relief for the entire community. After years of dispute and litigation, the pact is nothing short of a minor miracle.

Among the highlights, the two sides have agreed to end litigation. The district and the Bullis Charter School compromised on a charter school enrollment cap of 900 students and further charter school expansion on the Blach Intermediate School campus. Best of all, they’ve agreed to partner to support a bond measure.


Guest workers: No Shoes, Please

Last month, I hired a housecleaner for the first time in my entire life, and a good friend of mine exclaimed to me, “Oh, Gracie, you’re going to LOVE it!”

Truth be told, I really don’t. But that isn’t to suggest that this new relationship is anything to complain about. Margit, who cleans my home twice a month, is efficient, attentive and cooperative. She comes with high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning products. She arrives on time, does a good job and leaves in a friendly manner. Basically, she’s a good egg.


The value in junk mail: Haugh About That?

Excited at the thought that someone sent me a present, I clawed my way into the dark hole with feverish hands. No sooner had I extracted the large, white carton than disappointment stomped its steel-toed boot on my big toe. The bane of every mailbox’s existence had done it again. It was just a piece of junk.

Looking at the sample of powdered Similac formula, I was sure it was meant for another neighbor. God knows my baby-making days are long gone, but when I read the name on the label, I shrieked. There, in bold, black letters, screamed my eldest child’s name. Last time I looked, Michelle wasn’t pregnant. Or was she?


Letters to the Editor

‘Anti-Israel’ letter demands response

The troubling letter in the July 9 Town Crier, “Speaker’s defense of Israel proves ‘puzzling,’” demands a response. I have read many letters by the same writer in various Bay Area newspapers. Every one is an anti-Israel diatribe, implying that the tragic, decades-long conflict between Israel and its neighbors is all Israel’s fault all the time. His assertion that Israel has no interest in a peaceful settlement is ludicrous.

Ben-Gurion’s acceptance of the UN Partition Plan in 1947, the famous Rabin-Arafat handshake on the White House lawn, the serious peace offers by Ehud Barak at Camp David, and later by Ehud Olmert, are evidence of Israel’s efforts to reach a solution. In each case, the other side ultimately said “no.”


Letters to the Editor

MROSD extends thanks to local voters

I would like to thank all the voters in Los Altos and Mountain View for their overwhelming support for the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District’s Measure AA for open-space access, preservation and restoration, which passed by a greater than 2-to-1 margin last month.

I also want to thank the Los Altos City Council and the Town Crier for their strong endorsements.


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